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If you suspect that your partner is cheating on you, the best way to find any proof is through their mobile phone. People who cheat often talk to others through social media and messaging apps. But you might have a lot of questions in your head… Is my boyfriend cheating on me? How can I catch him? Or how difficult is it to find out?

Tracing his/her phone may also tell you where they are. You can find out if they are hiding something from you or not. Like, if they tell you that they are at work but their phone location is showing otherwise, it is clear that they are dealing with some other things.

How to Catch a Cheater | Cheating Spy Apps

The best way to catch a cheater is through a mobile phone, right? So, how to catch a cheater?

The best way to catch a cheater, is by spying on them. it’s not a nice thought, but if you have discussing it and still have your doubts you need facts. Of course, this sounds impossible. People think about and avoid doing it because it brings a lot of complications and headache. Well, what if we tell you that you can easily spy on cheaters by using spy apps. Yes, this is possible.

There are spy apps available on the internet and they can do this tough job for you. These spy apps easily give you the data of the other person on your screen.

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But there are many apps available in the market, some with and some without good reviews. You should use a well-reviewed app that is trustworthy and authentic to handle all data. So, here are the top apps you can use to spy on your suspected cheating partners phone.


No doubt, mSpy is the most popular spy app. That’s why it is top of the list. It is easy to use and works on all IOS and android devices. It only takes a few minutes to install mSpy.

The best thing about mSpy is that it is invisible and runs in the background. Once the app is set-up on the partner’s phone, you can easily spy on their messages, multimedia including videos and photos, keylogger, phone calls, social media, and their location through the mSpy account. And that’s good because you can receive reports on any device by logging in to your account. mSpy comes with a money-back guarantee. Use it for a week and ask for a refund if you don’t want to buy it.

Aside from magical features, technical assistance and customer support are unbelievable. The con is you need to pay to enjoy their most advanced features.


When it comes to the #1 tracking app, Cocospy secures the top place. It is one of the most accessible apps. You do not need to root a device to install Cocospy on the phone. You can access your partner’s browser history, contacts, photos, and videos. The interface of the app is simple. But the negative point is it doesn’t cover all apps as mSpy does.


FlexiSpy is among the most leading android spy apps. It comes with great features you will not find on other spy apps. It is the only app that remains invisible on android 10, according to the company.

The best feature of this app is you can listen to and record live phone calls. More amazing is that you can also use a phone microphone to record your partner’s surroundings. The negative point about this app is you cannot use it for free. Many people claim that some features don’t work on the latest android devices.


This tool works without having to root the device and is made only for android users. The features of Spyic app are a lot in common with other apps on the list. You can spy on social media apps. That includes Facebook, Viber, WhatsApp, calendars, messages, browser history, contacts, keylogger, and calls. You can also spy on Tinder through Spyic. It is good because a lot of people use Tinder to cheat.

But the negative thing is you will need physical access to the device to install the Spyic app. Moreover, the company doesn’t offer a free trial.


Hoverwatch is an application that can be used on android phones for free with limited features. These features of Hoverwatch include screenshots and SIM change alerts. Other features of Hoverwatch include calls and text messages, social media including WhatsApp messages, Viber calls, snapchat data, Instagram data, front camera photo, contacts, internet history, to-do list, and screenshot. This app is perfect for couples, sits silently on the device, and offers some rare options.


The last app on my list is Famisafe. Famisafe is a hidden app to catch your partner cheating. But sometimes, this app is not suitable for partners, be careful with the features.

The features of Famisafe include activity report, app blocker, app location, detect suspicious text and photos, website filter.

The good and bad thing about this app is that it sends you a message whenever anything suspicious occurs. But these types of features are not suitable for couples.