Whether it be someone’s birthday or the thanksgiving dinner party, gift cards always come in handy. People think of them as unthoughtful last-minute gifts but they’re the best present you can give to anybody. Since 2020, they’re getting popular again. Because nowadays people are more working from home and like to spend money online. Online shopping and ordering are the best ways to get anything.

So if you’re thinking about giving your friend and family something special, gift cards are the best option. There are many online platforms where you can sell or exchange them for money. Today we’ve rounded up the list of the top 4 famous gift cards to buy right now. They’re the perfect gift idea for those who don’t want holiday shipping delays or for people who haven’t shopped yet.

1. Amazon Gift Cards

From wedding gifts, home decors, to kitchen essentials, you can literally get anything and everything from Amazon. When you’re thinking about giving a present to your mom or your teenage cousin, you actually don’t know what they really want, right? So a gift card is a perfect option. Because with that, your loved ones can get whatever they want from that money.

Amazon also offers various gift card options, such as you can email an e-gift card or text to your recipient. The best thing about them? The minimum amount is $1, which makes them great for any budget!

2. Etsy Gift Cards

Do you want to give handmade jewellery or unique home decor to someone? The answer is Etsy! There is no better place than our Etsy shop to search for these cute and creative items. The whole process is also quite simple; all you need to do is first sign-in to the site, then click on the gift card section, and lastly, shop for your card.

You will find cards from $25, $50, $100, to $250 USD. There are also options in the delivery method: Emailed to recipient & Emailed to you. Just make sure to use them before their expiration date.

3. Target Gift Cards

There is no person on this planet who didn’t like shopping in Target. Starting with the minimum amount of just $5, a target gift card is definitely worth a chance. You can either opt to have your gift card mailed, emailed, or texted. And, you can even schedule it to be sent at a later date, like exactly on birthday or Christmas Day! Isn’t that convenient?

4. The Home Depot Gift Cards

Whether your friend loves doing home makeover projects or you want to spice up your place, the home depot gift cards will come in handy. Like other gift cards, you can also purchase an e-gift card or have a physical gift card sent to your recipient.

Summing Up:

Gift cards are an easy, fast, and convenient way to surprise anyone. But make sure that you or your friends use them before the expiry date. You can easily buy or sell gift cards without wasting your hard-earned money.