Be honest—how many times have you sat in front of your computer and scrolled through your games with disinterest. You’re bored, but there’s nothing you want to play. Gamers block is no joke—it drains your enjoyment from games until you find yourself booting one up, only to turn it off again moments later. The last thing you want to do is ditch your favourite hobby, so what can you do to make gaming fun again?

Leave The Gaming For Later And Be Productiveleave gaming for later and be productive

Do you have fond memories of coming home from school or work and loading up a game you’ve been thinking about all day? It was fun, you could play for hours, but now you’re bored and everything seems stagnant. Speaking from experience, doing something productive during the day beats gamers block and makes gaming later in the evening feel like a reward. Why not do a load of laundry, maybe rearrange your room, or sort through that drawer of clutter you’ve been putting off for weeks. Whatever productive activity you choose to do, it’ll make playing that game later much more satisfying!

Ditch Being Bored And Start Being Creativeditch gamers block and be creative

You don’t need to replace gaming, but if you choose to, that’s okay too. Doing something creative can help to lift your spirits, putting you in a good mood. If you’re bored of gaming, try baking, arts and crafts or even just throw on your favourite tunes and dance. A great way to relieve boredom: being creative allows you to express yourself and can bring clarity to your thoughts and feelings. Regardless, the point of creativity is it should be fun and is a great method to overcome that ‘bored’ feeling!

Move Your Body To Outplay Gamers Blockoutplay gamers block by moving your body

There are countless studies on how and why movement and exercise are good for your brain. It releases “happy hormones“, helps in thought processing, and can even improve your memory. Take a walk through nature and enjoy the fresh air—maybe listen along to a podcast or your favourite songs! At the end of the day, being bored is like mental fatigue; it’s caused by repetition. So quite literally jog your brain and add some exercise into your routine to beat feeling bored and shake things up a bit!

Indulge In Something Newnew games

So you’ve stretched your legs, got messy with paints and even ironed your underwear. Still bored of gaming? Why not try something new! Some of our recommendations include the Dragon Age series and Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla. To top this off, there is a tonne of upcoming games. Preview our expectations for Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl and renew your excitement for gaming. You’re sure to defeat boredom and be eager to game again after trying out all of these solutions!