At only 19 years old, Vyolet is already an artist who knows her own worth in the music industry. Her latest song ‘Honey’ was released on April 8th and maintains Vyolet’s chilled musical tone. With an electronic sounding backing track similar to something we might hear from producer and musician, Flume, Vyolet feels like a current musician who is ready to share her unique thoughts and lyrical concepts with audiences across the world.

Talking ‘Hue’ and ‘Honey’ with Anti-pop Artist Vyolet by Jessica Doran

Hi Vyolet, thanks for having this Q and A with me. I wanted to begin by discussing the concept for your EP ‘Hue’. I hear that it was inspired by specific colours and how these colours make you feel. Why do you think colours have influenced your song writing in such a poignant way?

I’ve just always been amazed by how colours make us feel, and how they can make us all feel different. It was a super simple concept that spoke to me, and my heart wanted to run with it.

With this in mind, what is your favourite colour and why?

Right now, it’s red. I love my staples, like black and pink, but I’m really feeling red lately. It’s fiery and makes me feel super confident.

When and where did you write your latest single ‘Honey’?

I started riffing the idea for the chorus at home in December of 2019, but finished the song entirely nearly a year later.

I love how you described your latest single ‘Honey’ as a ‘sedated daydream drenched in luxury. When knowing your worth means going after what you want’. Is this feeling of independence, empowerment, and luxury, a message that you would like to put forward into your future music?

Just for this shade of myself. Gold and honey definitely emulate power and luxury. I do want my music to make people feel a wide range of emotions, including embracing their own power.

Let’s talk ‘anti-pop’: what does this sub-genre mean to you and how has it inspired your music so far?

There’s a lot of freedom in not defining myself into one genre or another. With anti-pop, there’s a lot of room to play and vibe with elements of different genres. That feels really organic to me.

What are your personal aspirations in the music industry?

I just want to create music for as long as I can. That’s really it.

What can we expect to see next?

Check out Hue if you want, coming late Spring 2021.

I always love to ask artists this question – who would you like to collab with and why?

Lana Del Rey and The Weeknd. Absolutely no question. I’ll be a fan till the day I die.

You can listen to ‘Honey’ here.

Talking ‘Hue’ and ‘Honey’ with Anti-pop Artist Vyolet by Jessica Doran