Everyone remembers when sneakers were daily wear. This was about 5 years ago, but the trend has finally come back around. Today, it’s totally cool and acceptable to wear sneakers with your suit, a dress, even at your wedding!

Sneakers are the most comfortable shoe option out there, and this newfound interest in sneakers as daily wear has made many manufacturers step up their production of all different kinds. If you have been trying to decide which sneakers are going to be the best ones for everyday wear, read on!

Casual Sneakers That You Can Wear Every Day

1. Air Jordan 5 Raging Bull

This shoe has hit the market amidst much fanfare. It was originally part of a two-shoe pack that was released in 2009 and it became so popular in the years since that they decided to bring it back! This is a great shoe if you love classic styling and bright colours and you can wear this sneaker every day if you want!

The Air Jordan 5 raging Bull 2021 is made with suede uppers for that classic tennis shoe look and the mesh inserts keep it on brand to match up with the styling of early Air Jordans. 90’s kids will rejoice at the styling of this shoe and the new technology that made it will keep you comfortable all day while you are walking around in it.

This is a great shoe for the classic sneaker lover or the new-to-sneakers buyer who wants to get started right. You will love this shoe and it will become a classic in no time at all.

2. Salomon XT-Wings 2 Advanced Sneakers

This sporty shoe with classic styling is a great multi-use shoe that also just looks good. This was originally a shoe that was a trail-shoe to sneaker conversion and was popular with people who were trail runners.

Now that sneakers are so popular again, this shoe has seen a resurgence of popularity for good reason. This is a comfortable shoe that also provides a good base of support for those who walk a lot during their day.

If you have a long walk as part of your commute, or you have to be on your feet all day, this is a great sneaker for you. The classic styling also makes this sneaker go great with jeans or casual wear and you could probably get away with it under the right slacks as well!

3. Van’s Women’s Slip-On Core Classics

This shoe is a great throwback and is so much fun. Vans make all of us who love sneakers cheer with their classic white soles and their colourful patterns. People of all ages love the styling of Vans shoes, and the company is really talented at reintroducing classic styles with fresh new styling options to keep things current.

The slip-on styling is a really practical and comfortable style option and this styling choice brings the shoe from totally casual, to fun and trendy enough to wear with a skirt or leggings. This shoe combines all of the right classic shoe sensibilities with modern styling to make a fun shoe that can be worn with many kinds of clothing.

The added cushion to the footbed has also made Vans popular for generations, and this version of the shoe will not disappoint you! These are comfortable shoes that you can wear all day.

Sneakers4. Adidas ZX 2k Boost Pure

German brands always make amazing sneakers and this offering is easily one of the best new shoes that have come out recently. The midsole is performance-based and is really intended to support the athletic use of the shoe.

However, if you are going to be wearing them all day at work, or when you go hang out at the dog park, the shoe is casual enough and stylish enough not to feel like a high-performance shoe. The only high-performance part of the shoe is the interior, which works hard for you all day long.

Synthetic uppers hold up to long-term wear and also add to comfort and breathability. You can pick from various colour options, from neutral to really bright, making this shoe a fun one if you like to make a loud statement with your daily wear sneaker However, it is also a good fit for those who like an understated shoe.

5. New Balance Ralaxa

New Balance just released their CUSH+ technology and it is built into this shoe to increase stability and durability. New Balance has always been known for shoes that wear well over the long haul and the Ralaxa is no different!

This is a great, understated shoe that makes as good a walking shoe as it does a running shoe. You can wear this all day and then go for a jog in it. It works for both uses and will hold up to daily wear handily. This shoe is easy to clean and comes in many colours, making it easy to pick a shoe that matches your desire for colour choice.

This is a great shoe from a really reliable maker, and you will get a lot of bang for your buck when you pick this shoe to be your daily wear sneaker.

Sneakers Can be Daily Wear

The new trend for daily wear sneakers comes as a part of the new world full of remote work and staying at home, but they are a happy outcome of this change to people’s lives. Sneakers are comfortable and durable, and they are much more fun to wear than dress shoes!

Picking out a good sneaker will add a great daily wear option to your closet that you used to save for working out. For everyone who was ready for some fun casual daily wear fashion to come back in style, this is a great trend! Picking out a fun pair of daily wear sneakers has never been easier and you might struggle to buy just one pair!