The decision to study abroad is a big one. It can help you gain new professional opportunities, improve your language skills, and broaden your horizons. If you’ve been thinking about studying in a new country for college or for just one semester during high school, this list is for you. This ranking of the top ten best cities in the world to study abroad will give you some real insight into what makes a city an ideal place to do so!

Sydney, Australia

Sydney is known as the most beautiful city in Australia. Students who study there have many opportunities to do so in very scenic and beautiful places. You can choose to study at the University of Sydney, which is well known for its strong undergraduate programs. If you want to be in a more rural area, you can go to Newcastle or other surrounding areas for your school and still be able to enjoy all of the natural beauty that makes Sydney one of the best cities in the world to study abroad!

Rome, Italy

There are many things to do in Rome that will appeal to students of all interests; you can enjoy the beautiful architecture, explore ancient ruins, or go on a museum tour! The weather is very mild throughout the year. Universities such as Sapienza University of Rome and LUISS Guido Carli offer a variety of programs for undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students.

Madrid, Spain

Madrid is the capital of Spain and has a lot to offer students in terms of cultural events, history, and architecture. Many students choose to study in Madrid because it’s a very easy trip from the UK and other European countries. There are a number of universities there that offer undergraduate and graduate programs. You will be right at the centre of one of Europe’s largest urban areas, which means you can reach all parts of the city very easily.

Paris, France

There is no doubt that Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in the world! Although its economy may not be as strong as it used to be, France is still an ideal place to study abroad for many students. The city offers a large variety of academic programs at many universities such as Sciences Po, Sorbonne University, and Universitié Paris III-Sorbonne Nouvelle.

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