It’s sad to see people living hectic lives and with that, allowing their physical, mental health and well-being to take a back seat. Yet this is a very common occurrence in such a fast paced and competitive digital world that we live in today. People are more interested in attracting likes, recording videos, or browsing aimlessly through social media than they are looking after the mind and body. So, I’ve created a list of things which can easily be added to your daily routine to get you feeling and looking your best.

Tissue Face Masks

I wanted to start with the most controversial. Yes, I’m a man, and yes I occasionally wear a tissue face mask. Let’s get that stigma discussed and forgotten about, because I believe lots of guys secretly wear face moisturiser, anti wrinkle serum, and those dark eye roller pens to “reduce dark circles”. Now, I’m not saying these products don’t work, but they haven’t for me – I do have dark circles and personally don’t see the benefit of these products. I’m approaching 40 (cough), and those wrinkles are starting to appear, and quite honestly all the creams I’ve tried don’t work and seem to cause spots. Since I’ve decided to try a face mask with my wife a couple of years ago for a laugh, I’ve secretly never regretted it! It was fun to do, I felt stupid (not sure why), but honestly, after, I really could feel and SEE the difference. Chill out, have a bath, wear a tissue face mask. Unlike me who’s writing this article for my job, you can keep it a secret if you wish, but trust me, you won’t regret it.

Drink Lots Of Water | Make It Your Daily Routine

Again, I have nothing against moisturiser creams, but nothing can replenish your skin better than drinking lots of water. I buy the expensive stuff simply because it makes me feel guilty if I don’t drink it. 1L of Evian per day! But tap water I’m sure will do the trick! If you aren’t drinking enough water in your daily routine you are missing the simplest opportunity to improve your health and focus. If you want to maintain energy levels throughout the day, visit Healthcanal to know more.

Mouth Wash

Mouth hygiene is very important to me. I can’t stand the feeling of not having clean teeth. And when I see someone with manky yellow teeth… blurghhhh. So, I brush at least twice a day, but added to that I swig mouth wash between meals. You already know my approximate age – I don’t have any teeth fillings yet!


Recently, I’ve had pain in my feet so was researching and found that stretches help. So, I’ve introduced a really simple stretch whilst having a shower. Simply stand tip toe, one leg at a time in the shower and hold the posture. Of course steady yourself by touching a wall, but let your foot take the weight of your body. When I started this stretch, I could manage 30 seconds per foot and am now able to hold the stretch for over 100 seconds per foot. My feet arches are building strength and my calf muscles are getting bigger. Not a bad result for a few minutes effort per day.

Go For A Walk

You might think this shouldn’t be discussed as it’s too obvious. Obvious yes, but enough people actually doing it? No. Go for a walk (be careful not to go too far or for too long, we don’t want you breaking Covid restriction rules). But go for a walk, make this part of your daily routine, stretch those legs, breathe in the fresh air and clear the mind. 

Take Vitamins

I recommend the Wellman brand, but there’s plenty of choice on brands and vitamin types. It’s vital our bodies get the recommended daily dose of vitamins to keep us healthy, focused and also keep illness away. Did you know Vitamin D helps support the immune system. As well as taking multi vitamins each day, I drink a vitamin tablet dissolved in water to make sure I’m giving my mind and body the minerals to help give me the energy and focus I need. Look into the variety of vitamins and minerals available. Iron for example helps reduce fatigue if you live a busy life. Vitamin C also supports a healthy immune system

So there you have it, next time you’re in Boots stock up on those vitamins, drink water and grab yourself some face masks for the ultra pamper session. You deserve it.