Variety is the spice of life” that’s how the old saying goes. Everyone has their choice of what is the best travel app or the most convenient online personal finance tool. The number of ways these online tools can make our lives easier is endless. The usual trend that happens with the majority of the people is that they gravitate towards the who is who in the tech space when choosing.

We are not here to prove anyone wrong, we are just here to open up your eyes to other names in the industry that you might have missed, and why you should check them out. We will split them into categories for an easy breakdown.


– Bluepillow

Technology has always been about making life easier, and that is what this Italian portal called Bluepillow does. It brings you all the best offers on holiday homes, hotels, campsites, and even villas, all in one place. It connects hosts and tourists cutting out the need for middlemen, ensuring tourists get the best deals accommodation, and hosts get visibility on services they offer.

– Lounge Buddy

Lounge buddy enables you to book a lounge by buying a one-time pass that works for over half the countries in the world. Only for American Express Cardholders, this is for the infrequent traveler who doesn’t travel enough to justify a luxury credit card.


– Google Classroom

As we transition into the digital phase of learning, most of the original practices are still retained. Giving assignments is something that Google classrooms focus on. It has a streamlined platform that combines all the best features of Docs, Gmail, and calendar to maintain uninterrupted communication between the student and the teacher.

– Masterclass

Masterclass promises online classes with ‘renowned personalities in their respective fields’. A promise that is fulfilled by having classes in various fields bundled with video lectures, video interviews with the instructor, and reading material. Classes range from cooking to economics and everything in between. 


– Mint

Rated highly in the personal finance space, Mint’s reputation precedes it. Money is a challenging thing for most of us to do but Mint makes it pretty easy. It enables you to link both your credit and debit card after which it shows your expenditure. It boasts a couple of features including access to your credit score and scheduling payments.

– Learnvest

With a primary focus on educating women about finances, Learnvest is the best free budgeting app on the market. It connects you to financial planners, helps you easily track your finances has very helpful features specifically for you.


– Nike Training Club

This free fitness app owned by NIKE is free to download on both android and iOS. It provides access to content in video format in various forms of physical exercise including strength training, yoga workouts, and cardio. Health tips and mindfulness guides also add to the list of impressive features. 

– Freeletics

This is the best fitness tool for those who want to get in shape. The tool is made of different apps – Bodyweight, Gym, Nutrition, and running, all tailored for your specific needs. It provides workout variations that target different muscle groups, an opportunity to give feedback on the exercises and the app can send reminders for accountability when needed.

These tools can be crucial in the achievement of our everyday goals and having information about them is our main priority. They contain features that can truly make our life easier, as technology has long promised to do.