Have you recently started a twitter account for your business or brand and want to know how to get followers as fast as possible? Do you feel like you have reached a plateau in your follower growth on Twitter and want to know how you can change this?

Twitter is a social media platform that has been around since 2006. A lot of people use Twitter for work and business purposes but many others still enjoy it for personal reasons, too. Millions of Americans have become addicted to the microblogging site, spending an average of 7 hours per month on the app. One way you can get followers on Twitter is by following other users and then waiting for them to follow you back, or by liking their posts if they don’t already follow you. The number 1 rule when using this technique is not to add people who are celebrities because there is practically no chance, they will follow you back.

In the last few years, social media has become a staple in our daily lives. We use it to connect with people we know and love, share photos of our favourite things, and even vent when we are feeling down. No matter what your reason for using social media is, there is one platform that many users don’t take full advantage of: Twitter. If you need some help growing your follower base, here are a few tips to help you.

Engage Actively

Many people tend to think of social media, Twitter in particular, as a one-way communication channel for businesses to hard sell their products to their audience, but this just isn’t how Twitter works. If you are wanting to grow your follower count you need to actively engage with both followers and other users.

People love feeling seen and appreciated and this is the perfect way to take advantage of them and encourage them to follow you account. You can engage with users on Twitter by responding to their direct messages, replying to comments, commenting, using a growth service like Twesocial to engage with followers on your behalf, liking, and sharing other users’ content, and even following other users that you would like to follow you. This is a great way to encourage other users to follow you back as you are making yourself much more noticeable.

Use Hashtags

One tool that many people tend to misuse or completely overlook in general, is hashtags. Hashtags are essentially keywords that you can include in your content. These keywords can be search and users will be able to find every other post that has also been posted with it. Hashtags are a great way to get your content to reach a much larger audience, and on top of this it’s a great way to direct your content to a target audience that falls as part of your niche.

When making use of hashtags, if you are trying to grow your following, you should try to use the most popular and well used ones you can find. However, you need to ensure that the hashtags that you make use of are relatable to your content otherwise this will not work to help get followers.

Have a Niche

Before you even start posting anything on Twitter, you should know what your niche is. Not only will this be beneficial in deciding what content you should be posting, what kind of hashtags you should be using, and even the best posting time, but it also helps you create a style and voice for your account. Having a niche is so important when it comes to growing your account as it allows users to know exactly what they are getting themselves into when they follow you. Having a niche also helps incredibly when it comes to engagement as by having content that your users are interested in, it gives them more opportunity to want to engage.

Use Visual Content to Get Followers

The last tip you should follow when trying to grow your follower count on Twitter is to post visual content. Many people think of Twitter as a microblogging site where you can post tweets that have a limited number of characters and that’s it. They think you are limited to just words but this is just not the case anymore. Twitter, just like every other social media platform these days, has actually become quite a visual platform and it is said that tweets posted, containing some kind of visual, are way more likely to receive any kind of engagement or even be noticed by other users, which means you should do it to increase your followers on Twitter.