There is nothing better than sitting down in your nail tech’s chair and thinking to yourself – I am ready to have my sh*t together! But choosing your next nail design look can be a big deal. The endless thoughts circling around your head – is that design versatile enough to match the outfits I have planned for the next three weekend bottomless brunches? Will that design be too much / too boring? Am I sticking to my standard nude or being adventurous this time round? What a stress!

Luckily, here are 10 nail art designs to give you that inspiration or persuasion you might be needing…


Abstract Nail Design | Sophia Nails – @sophiadoesnailss

One of the latest nail art trends! Popping up on ‘Insta’ and Pinterest, an abstract look is a great approach to go for if you are wanting something fitting for most occasions with a fun twist.

If you are someone who normally goes with your go-to comfortable nude, incorporating abstract aspects into a design can add that bit of interest without appearing TOO much. Whether you decide to keep things neutral with white, baby pink and gold, or add pops of colour with yellow, blue and green – plenty of colour options to go for!

Classic French Tip

French Mani Nail Design | StaceyNails – @nailswithstacey

Sophisticated, neat and a nail design which appears so effortlessly beautiful – the classic French tip. Maybe you are more the low-key type? Like to keep things at a ‘less but more’ approach. The French tip is and will always be a classic – a design that will never age.

Fancy shaking up the classic approach? Instead of a white tip, go for a different colour! Maybe black? Yellow? Or a whole new colour combo instead of a nude base – ooo lala!

Funky Tips

Funky Tips Nail Design | JuliannaNails – @_nailsbyjulianna

What is cooler than some funky patterned tips? This design is the one to go for to catch the eye. An alternative slant of the traditional French mani – little bit of spice!

The glorious thing about this nail design is the flexibility – pick any pattern you have been loving and combine that with a nude base – sophistication with some funk! A fabulous way to add that glimpse of colour without making so much of an impact.


Marble Nails | HeidiNails – @nailsbyheidi.x

The ultimate dreamy nail design. Oh how mesmerising a marble/quartz pattern is – so many blends and swirls. A feminine and intricate design to make your nails look like precious quartz crystals or marble stone. Who needs to spend thousands on a marble kitchen when you can have it right at your finger-tips – well nails technically!

To take this nail design further, opt for gold accents – 3D or not – creates more dimension and that WOW factor!

Combining two shades such as an emerald green marble and rose quartz produces a striking look!


Nude Nail Design | ChiaraNails – @thenailloungeipswich

There is something so stunning about a nude nail that has been perfectly filed and looks all crisp. The great thing about nude nails is their versatility – they will suit anything. So, when you are chilling in your pjs sipping on a cup of tea, you will still be rocking a co-ordinated look. No need to plan these nails accordingly to your wardrobe schedule!

Want to develop this design further? Go for a nude with a subtle shimmer or with gold accents – both create a slightly bolder approach without disrupting the minimal nude look.

Animal Print

Leopard Print Nail Design | AmyNails – @amywilkinson_nailtech

What a ‘MOO’d animal print nails are. A unique and quirky design guaranteed to add that level of edginess to any look. Whether you are going to the bar, a rave or sitting at home in your ‘comfies’, you will be feeling as funky as ever with your animal printed claws.

Cow, leopard, zebra or tortoiseshell print are just a few to go for. And as cute as black and white cow print is, switching up the colours can create a really unique design. Maybe you are loving sage green currently? Blue leopard print? Have fun incorporating colour into animal prints!

GradientGradient Nail Design | Isobel

A minimal yet effective nail design. Is there anything more satisfying than a gradient of 5 shades for each nail? I don’t think so! Going for a gradient approach is a great style if you are wanting something soft, effortless and to make a statement.

As seen on many celebs, this look has been widely popular on the ‘gram’ and elsewhere. Again, this look is incredibly versatile depending on what you are feeling. Whether you are after a neutral or bright vibe, this look can be easily achieved to satisfy your nail feels.

Best of all, if you are one to be indecisive when it comes to picking what shade of pink you want – you can have all 5 to save the hassle!

Nails – @nails_byiz


Floral Nail Design | AmyNails – @amymaynailtech

All-round cutesy! Floral is the nail art design to feel the brighter side of life. And I mean, what is more adorable than hand-painted daisies? – too much!

If you are into having your nails painted according to the seasons, going for florals is the perfect way to do this. So let’s make a plan: Daisy’s for Summer, Begonia’s for Autumn, Snowdrops for Winter and Pansies for Spring – all set!

Fun Print

Fun Print Nail Design | Pop BeautyNails – @popbeautynorwich

Fun and expressive prints are another big trend amongst the nail art community. If you love to go all out with your nails, go for a print that reveals something daring and completely out of the ordinary – or not! There are so many prints to pick and choose depending on what you love. And best of all, you can add your own swing by personalisation with colour.

Smiley faces, chilli peppers or even a checkerboard print are just a few fun nail print’s to go for – checkmate!

Mix & Match

Mix & Match Nail Design | ElleNails – @elle_thestockroom

Ever find yourself not being able to make your mind up? Wanting that design, ooh and that one too…ah the indecisiveness! HOWEVER, a mix and match nail design may be the solution to your problem.

Save the hassle and be sure to make a statement with this fabulous style. Pick and mix your favourite shapes, patterns and colours to create something BOLD and unforgettable. Maybe you decide to pick a particular theme for each nail? Cute on the thumbs, a bit of edginess on the indexs’ and smileys on the pinkies. Let your creativity run wild!

So, Your Next Nail Design Sorted?

Question is, have you managed to make the big decision? After all, getting your nails done makes you feel better in yourself, just like CBD gummies. You can Order Vegan CBD Gummies for Anxiety at JustCBD so you can try for yourself!

Hopefully, this has helped make things easier – but if not, why not be brave and ask your nail tech to do whatever they want? A challenge for you to face and leave your nails in your trusty nail tech’s hands – I dare you!