Holidays are a time for relaxation, where you forget your worries of work and enjoy time either by yourself or surrounded by loved ones.

Regardless of whether you are going away for the holidays or are staying at home with friends and family, it might be worth considering renting a self-storage unit for more valuable items that you are worried about leaving at home. In doing so, it might help to make your holiday a stress-free experience.

Aside from keeping items safe, it will also help to create space in your home for guests to stay over. Having sufficient space available is always a challenge when it comes to having guests over. With self-storage, it is an ideal option to store excess furniture and items in either a spare room or attic. Placing them in storage creates additional space so your home does not feel too cluttered and makes room for guests to spend the night.

If you are considering renting a self-storage unit for the holidays, here are just a few things to keep in mind to help

How Much Space You Need

When looking for a storage unit, you need to ensure that you are investing in the right kind of storage that meets your requirements. If not, you might find yourself with a unit that is unsuitable or is not cost-effective – both of which will not be suitable for either you or your belongings.

Have an accurate idea of the size you are looking for. This is important because if you rent a unit that is too big and you do not fill, you will be losing money on the wasted space. On the other hand, by opting for a facility that is too small, you will not be able to store all of your belongings and might mean renting additional spacing.

Find What Facilities Are Available

Security and safety are the primary factors to consider when choosing a local self-storage facility. As you are storing personal belongings, you want to choose a self-storage company, like Safestore, which has good security, lockable access and cameras. Knowing that your belongings are safe in the storage unit will provide you with peace of mind, as well as one less thing to worry about.

Additionally, look into the storage facility’s operating hours. Some offer 24-hour services, especially if they are self-service. However, if you have selected a full-service option, you might only be granted limited access to your stuff. This is something to consider if you think you will be frequently visiting your storage unit to collect, leave or replace any of your belongings.

Easily Accessible Location

If you think you will be needing to access your storage unit regularly, take into consideration the location of the storage facility. Renting a self-storage unit that is over an hour’s drive away does not make sense if you are going to need frequent access to it. Since it is only a short-term solution, look for self-storages that are local to you. If the cost is an issue and you are willing to travel a little farther to access it, look into storage units in other locations. The location of a storage unit does have an impact on the cost of both size and time.

The Opinions Of Others

Aside from the amenities of the storage facilities that you need to consider when choosing a self-storage unit, the opinions of previous users is also important. When purchasing a product, you check the online reviews to see what other people have thought about it. The same should also be done when considering a self-storage unit. See what others have said but be aware that most reviews posted are from extremely satisfied customers and those disappointed with their experience. Keep a lookout for any common patterns, whether they are positive or negative.