There’s something about the brown lands and fringed waters of Australia that conjure up a sense of power within all of us. Since the white settlement, the vastness of life in Australia has inspired a lot of talented writers to talk about their experiences in this great nation.

There are lots of amazing books out there for every Australian student. While every student is encouraged to read literary classics such as Shakespeare and Austen, tutors need to encourage them to read self-improvement books – books that will help them live a meaningful and rich life. Here are the top ten books every Australian student should read.

1. My Brilliant Career – Myles Franklin

Myles Franklin wrote this amazing book when she was only sixteen. She did a great job in describing a character called Sybylla Melvyn, a cynical, tempestuous, and funny girl who was born before her time. She rallied against the white settlers in Australia in the 1890s.

2. Small Move, Big Change – Caroline Arnold

How many times have you promised yourself that this academic year will be the last you ever submit your assignments and projects at the last minute? Why do you struggle with your resolutions?

Caroline answers this big question in her book. She reveals that most of the resolutions we set are either too big or vague. You can achieve any goal you set if you incorporate tiny behavioural modifications into any area of your life.

3. The Art of Learning

Do you struggle to master concepts and write college essays? Do you think that you are not studying as hard as you can? It’s time for you to read the Art of Learning, buy essay online and use an Australian study guide that will help you learn quickly and effectively.

You will find yourself reading this book multiple times even after your graduation. This book is ideal for every Australian student who has already started his or her course.

4. The Harp in the South – Ruth Park

The New-Zealand born author has always been a favourite for most Australians for over a century now. Reading this book is crucial for every student who wants to solve the puzzle of Australian life. Before turning to fiction, Park was a renowned journalist.

5. The Attention Revolution – Alan Wallace

Today, everything and everyone is trying to fight for your attention. The average attention span of the human being has been shrinking of the years. This book shares some amazing Buddhist techniques that will help you take control of your attention once again.

6. How to Win Friends and Influence People – Dale Carnegie

It’s natural for most college students to want to connect with their peers and tutors. However, most students fail at this because they simply don’t know how to connect with themselves and others. This book will help you understand how to create relationships, hold conversations, and win other peoples’ hearts.

7. The Writer’ Handbook

Although this book was written for the American audience, it’s still valuable for Australian students. In college, good writing will boost your performance. This book covers everything about writing. If you want to improve your grammar skills or writing, this is the book for you.

8. The Last Lecture – Randy Pausch

What would you do or talk about if you had a few months to live? This is the question Randy was forced to answer after being diagnosed with cancer. This book will encourage you to follow your childhood dreams without limiting yourself to external constraints.

9. Coping with Stress at the University

Most students tend to think that they are the only ones who have problems. And everyone else is having a great time. University demands can also be challenging for students who are not prepared physically and mentally.

10. Getting things Done – David Allen

If you’ve been struggling to sit down and work on your projects and assignments, this book is ideal for you. It talks about the importance of clarifying and organising your tasks especially the big ones so that you can complete them on time.


No one is better or smarter than you. If you find someone who learns new concepts quickly or knows how to cope with pressure in college, you’ve found someone who has invested a lot of time and effort in himself or herself.

One of the best ways to develop or improve a skill or solve a problem is reading books. All the answers have been found. Thanks to the rapid advancement of technology, you can easily access any book or article. The question is, are you willing to look for the answers? By reading these ten books, your performance and life in college will greatly improve.


Michael Turner is an experienced writer and proofreader. He loves helping college students discover their hidden gems and follow their dreams. During his leisure time, he travels with loved ones or reads books.