“There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer,” said Ansel Adams. Do you find it fun to click shots of random articles at hundred different angles to make them look enticing? Do you have the passion for playing around with light to create the most dramatic effect on a frame? Do you have it in you to spend 46 hours a week on average at work creating the perfect image for your viewer? If your answer is yes to all the above, then a career in commercial photography is certainly your cup of tea.

Besides having the passion and intent to work as a commercial photographer, there are some things you should know if you wish to embark on this creative journey. Let’s talk about them…

Commercial Photography | Enrol in a Professional Course

Just passion and amateur experience in photography will not help you make a mark in the highly competitive industry of photography. How competitive, you ask? There were 17,100 professional photographers in Australia as of 2019, up from 12,000 in 2014. Though a beginner doesn’t need a formal qualification to get a foot into the industry, a professional certification in photography, graphic art, or visual art will give you a definite boost.

Work with an Industry Veteran

The next step in your career pathway is to gain hands-on experience under the mentorship of an industry veteran. Intern with an experienced photographer or get into a job with an established studio to gain a hands-on understanding of commercial photography and learn the tricks of the trade.

Put Together the Tools of Your Trade

Carefully consider the right set of equipment is needed for commercial photography. Scour the market for deals and discounts. While sophisticated tools are necessary for photography, the most crucial aspect is your skills, so do not splurge. Be assured that second-hand equipment in good condition will suffice your purpose for the time being.

Build an Impressive Portfolio

While gaining hands-on training and valuable experience, do not forget to build up an impressive body of your independent work. Trust your vision to tell a unique story, all the while experimenting with the subject matter, equipment, lighting set-ups, and editing process until you hit upon the perfect equation that creates magic on the frame. This magic is the individualistic style that you can use as your competitive advantage. Include your best works in the portfolio that would speak for themselves and help you get your first independent project.

Network and Promote Your Work

Maintain a robust network of experts, peers, and potential clients and deploy your marketing acumen to promote yourself and your work. Yes, to build a career in photography, you cannot just bank on your talent or skills. You also need to build your brand and promote yourself to be visible to all those prospective clients who may need to employ your expertise.

Sharpen Your Business Skills

More than your photographic skills, what is required is your people skills to build your photography business. Your customer service will ensure that your clients remain loyal to you. Do not falter in maintaining the customer connect or staying abreast with the industry trends.

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