It’s no secret that many jobs are possible to do remotely. However, students often don’t realise that applies to them. Even without any experience outside of school and college, you can learn to make money online through a variety of means.

Some of the money-making methods are easier than others. You can start a blog, for example, without spending a penny or going through much of a learning curve. You can use Wix as a simple website builder, and they provide a guide about how to make money blogging as well. You’ll be able to blog from anywhere, as long as you have WiFi or data on your phone, as you can send updates through their mobile blogging app.

So let’s get into how you can use blogging and other online methods to make money without leaving your dorm room.

1. A Niche Blog

As long as you can write in an understandable and engaging way, you can start a blog. You don’t have to have any experience in a subject, as you can do most of the research you need online. Of course, if you want to relate to people with personal stories, you’re best sticking to something you know well.

Writing a blog about student life is the most natural choice, but it’s probably not the wisest way to try to make money. The money you make while blogging comes from advertising and affiliate links. These rely on your readers actually clicking through to product pages and making purchases. Students are unlikely to actually buy products online unless they’re specifically curated for them.

You can certainly write about whatever you’re majoring in. But make sure you don’t let the academic side of your experience influence your writing style too much. Few casual blog readers are willing to read formal prose, no matter how solid the content is.

2. Freelance Writing

Blogging is a great way to make money without leaving your dorm room. However, it does rely on you doing all the work, from writing the blog to social media marketing to organising affiliate links. The easier alternative is to start freelancing.

You can freelance as a writer with no real experience, as long as you have the research and writing ability. There are companies around the world looking for writers every single day, many paying much higher rates than minimum wage. You can get started on a website like Upwork or Fiverr, but you’re best served by creating your own website that positions you as a professional.

You will need a portfolio to start getting work. Since you haven’t yet done any jobs, this will need to be your own writing that you publish on your website. With Wix, you can have a professional website that sells your services, with a portfolio or blog as one of the readymade menu options.

3. Transcribing

What if you don’t think you have the writing chops? If you’re able to type quickly and without too many errors, you can make money by transcribing recordings. Companies and professionals around the world need transcribers who are willing to sit through hours of audio taking it all down.

Give yourself a test before you start applying for jobs on a site like Upwork. You need to figure out how long it takes you to transcribe a minute of audio. Otherwise, you might see a client offering $30 for an hour’s worth of audio and think it is a good rate until you’ve spent four hours painstakingly doing the work.

There is a lot of this type of work available, but you do have to sift through the job postings to find clients who pay reasonable rates.

4. Video editing

If you have skills in video editing, there are many clients looking for freelancers online. As long as you know that you can edit video at a professional quality, you’ll be able to work with companies creating YouTube explainers, promotional videos, and the like.

As with writing, you can create a professional website of your own that positions you as an expert. You can build your portfolio by doing a number of projects for yourself that you are proud of.

5. Coding

Students learning how to code often believe that they need to wait until they are qualified to get jobs. The reality is that many coders learn much more quickly than the content is taught and skip ahead. With a reasonable skill level, you can start applying for freelance jobs online long before you’re qualified.

As with other jobs on this list, clients hiring freelancers are more concerned with evidence that you can do the job rather than with your certificate. Create a portfolio for yourself with some projects you have coded.

You don’t need to be rushing to a minimum wage job after hours to make money as a student. With the above 5 jobs, you can start earning without leaving your dorm room.