Our mental health is one of the most important things to look after, though it can definitely be a struggle at times. Thankfully, there are many apps available to help us out.

Mental wellbeing is super important to take care of, especially in times like these. Here are just a few apps that can help you improve your mindfulness and get into routines to eventually better your mental health.


While Calm does cost, you can activate a free trial, and when that trial ends you get to keep access to a few of the meditation and breathing tasks. This app is targeted at helping your sleep, as well as stress levels. The premium option includes a lot more exercises, guided meditations, and masterclasses run by some of the world’s best mindfulness coaches.


Fitbit may be renowned for physical health, but with Fitbit Premium you can also unlock access to mindfulness exercises and stress management. The exercises generally focus on breathing, but if you’re wearing your Fitbit at the same time it will track your heart rate and log any changes to show if you’re more relaxed or not. Tracking your mood will also allow you to track your heart at that time.


Audible isn’t necessarily a mental health app, but if you’re looking for something to help you switch off after a hard day, then audio books may be just the thing. You can happily relax even if you’re extremely tired as you don’t have to read anything yourself, yet still escape to a different world for a few minutes or hours.

Student Health App

The Student Health App covers a range of topics, not only mental wellbeing. Healthy living, safety, relationships, and mental health are just a few helpful guides this app contains. There’s information on dealing with stress as well as anxiety and depression, and it’s accessible even offline, so it’s definitely worth a look.

Thrive: Mental Wellbeing

Thrive has a mood meter, allowing you to track your mood, as well as personalised messages and game features. Unfortunately, you need to be signed up with certain partner organisations to be able to use this app, but you can always ask your organisation about it.


Containing mindfulness exercises, cognitive behavioural therapy, breathing exercises, and customisable reminders, this is definitely one of the best apps out there to help with mental wellbeing. You can get a 30 day free trial of the premium option, or use the basic features for free.


Talkspace is basically an app allowing you to get online therapy. You undergo a brief assessment and then are offered a range of therapists. While this does cost, you can change therapists if you’re not getting on well with your current one for no extra cost, and you’re able to reach out at any time of the day.


Headspace has a lot of different articles for many different needs, such as helping you sleep better or manage your stress. There are also meditation and breathing exercises to help get you into a more relaxed state of mind. Again, this one does cost but there is a free trial available to allow you to decide if it’s worth it.

Chill Panda

This is an interesting one; Chill Panda is an “anxiety reducing” game available for Apple devices or on the Nintendo SwitchIt’s filled with loads of minigames which subtly help your state of mind, such as yoga and breathing exercises.

Of course, these are just a few of the apps available, and there are guaranteed to be many more, some of which you may find more helpful than the ones listed here. While these may be some of the best rated, everyone’s experience is difference, and it’s important to find something that works best for you, regardless of what other people may use.