The fashion world is fast-paced and forever changing. Clothing is seen on the runway, replicated by fast fashion retailers, made at a cheaper cost and then put up to be sold at an affordable price. Fast fashion garments are accessible for the majority, but this quick continuous cycle is no good for our planet.

Trends come; trends go – with social media being one of the most universal platforms to pick up on fashion trends and influencers endorsing this, it is a damaging system for our environment’s future. It can be said that there is a need to keep up with current fashion trends, especially with Instagram being a platform for fashion bloggers to share their creative looks – which is no bad thing! However, it certainly contributes a negative factor.

There are many alternative methods to purchasing clothes besides fast fashion stores. Second-hand retailers, charity shops, and borrowing clothes are a few options to go for if you are looking to reduce your fast fashion contribution. Though, purchasing high-quality and trend-lasting pieces is another consideration.

Investing in garments that will last is a method to take on board to reduce clothing waste. If you are looking to purchase a piece of new clothing, it is a good idea to consider the longevity of the item. Will this be something I can wear a lot? Is this going to be on-trend in 2 months?

To help, here are 5 fashion garments that will never die out of style…

Denim Jacket

A jacket that is versatile for most occasions and seasons. Investing in a good-quality denim jacket is a great piece to add to your wardrobe. Dress down an evening outfit with a casual spin, or wear with a hoodie underneath to create a layered look! Denim is a strong and resilient fabric, meaning guaranteed durability and lasting quality.

Black Handbag

Handbags range in all shapes, sizes, colours, and materials – they have the power to put a look together! If you are looking to invest in a new handbag, opting for the classic black is a great choice to ensure versatility when pairing with an outfit – it won’t be abandoned in your wardrobe too! Similar to the little black dress, the black bag will remain a staple in your collection and have your back – it gotcha!

Lace-Up Boots

Edgy, hard-wearing and a shoe which will suit any outfit. Spotted frequently on the festival scene, the lace-up boot is a fashion garment to make a statement and add a bit of combat flair to your style. These all-rounder boots can easily be worn with a maxi dress or a pair of skinny jeans – pretty much anything!

White Tee

The white tee – you can’t go wrong! Fitted or oversized, a white tee can provide a timeless and effortless look that can be dressed up or down. It can be the foundation of an outfit if wearing with a flannel shirt or open jacket. Being a neutral shade also allows easy colour pairing – an essential item to be part of your fashion garments!

Remember, it is a good idea to invest in a high-quality white tee to ensure a lasting clothing life.

Vintage Sweatshirt

Worn by Princess Diana and often Hailey Bieber, the vintage sweatshirt was a big hit in the 90s era and still is today. The enduring fashion garment has always been a well-loved piece in the fashion world, especially since streetwear style has come back into play. The great thing about vintage sweatshirts is the best finds are normally discovered from second-hand retailers – a two-in-one bonus to reduce fast fashion, score!

Consider Your Fashion Garments

Now is the time to think about your spending habits and the garments you choose to buy. Do you look at an item and consider the lastingness of it? Does this ever cross your mind? – maybe not! Being mindful and considerate when shopping for clothes is the way to go. But of course, having fun with your fashion style should never be diminished – it’s all about making smart decisions!