University days are some of the best days out of your entire educational and student life. Why? Because, for starters, the whole playing field is yours. Whether it’s dedicating all your time to studying, hanging out with friends, or attending parties, it’s all on you, and that’s what makes the entire experience so fulfilling and fun.

That is why if you haven’t done anything to make your student life memorable, then you better get to it before time runs out. There is nothing more exhilarating than trying out new things with people in the same boat as you, struggling to get assignments done the night before, or trying to cope with a lousy roommate.

So, if you want to enjoy your time being a student before you hit your last spring break, here’s what you should do.

Student life | Enjoy living in a student house:

Student dorms in colleges and universities are a big part of every student’s life. One can say that living in student houses is one of the first steps towards being independent and learning to live with strangers.

Student dormitories are a socialising hot pot where you meet people who are likely to stick with you for a long time. You might as well call student houses small communities where people either similar or different engage in all sorts of fun activities and goof around the residence hall.

This is all great and sounds fun, but the end objective should constantly be acquiring education. Not many people would be with you after you graduate, except the knowledge you seek is earned through education. With an ongoing pandemic, institutions aren’t allowing students to stay in dorms to eliminate any possibility of social interaction.

But that shouldn’t take away from the fact that your education should lag. Most renowned institutions offer online classes to students, making it easier and safer for them to acquire education.

Nowadays, most students are pursuing an online general studies bachelor degree without attending a physical university, which means their education continues without wasting time regardless of lockdowns due to the ongoing pandemic.

Balance your relationships:

Building relationships with new people and capitalising on them as much as possible is essential in college. A romantic relationship in student life is inevitable, and frankly, young love is unforgettable and unique.

However, if you want to enjoy both your personal and educational life as a student, you should make time for different relationships with all kinds of people. Apart from your partner, dedicate your time to your friends, study groups, society members, etc.

Learning to share your experiences with relevant people is essential to strengthening your communication skills for future career prospects. Meet as many people as you can and invest yourself in discovering the things you love.

Travel and explore:

What’s college life without a bit of exploration? And we aren’t talking about the college campus! Almost every high school graduate dreams of moving to a new city or even a state to start the latest student life chapter. So, when you get to go to school in a place like New York or California, why is waste time dragging around the campus to get out and explore the city?

Make it a mission to get to know the city and discover your new local before throwing a graduation party. There is nothing more fulfilling than exploring a new place, learning the local traditions, understanding the language, and falling in love with the new landscape.

So, grab a friend and hit the local bar or a coffee shop, drive around and discover new spots.

Join or start a society:

Extracurricular and after-class activities are an impactful part of every student’s life. You’ll notice that in the US especially, students are very invested in on-campus activities, societies, and clubs. So, if you want to make the most of your student life and discover your calling, don’t forget to join a club or society that clicks with you.

Many students look forward to joining a sorority or a fraternity club for a little academic escapism and being part of unique projects and activities. If no fraternities or clubs are sparking a passion in you and you feel like the rebel in you needs a platform, you can always start your own.

Now that’ll be something worth remembering when you look back at your club’s flyer a few years from now.

Don’t lose track of your finances:

A broke student is a sad student because there is nothing enjoyable about an empty bank account. You may think that keeping up with your finances is the opposite of having fun, but if you don’t budget accordingly, you might end up doing nothing at all.

Remember, you’ll be in college for four years, and unless you have a very successful startup, it is better to be in complete control of your finances. When the going gets tough, think of your finances as an emergency fund for necessities only and switch your ‘fun time’ to trying out free things.

For instance, instead of going out to an expensive dinner or a shopping spree with your friends, opt for a lovely day at the beach, sightseeing, or a home-cooked meal.

Bottom Line:

Going to college is a significant lifestyle change as students juggle studies, personal development, and life. We often forget to enjoy our time as a student between multitasking and keeping up with the pace of the college life.

However, you only live once, and if you didn’t do anything worth remembering in your student life, then what are you going to tell your kids? So, remember to take some time to enjoy your life in between your studies.

Go out and meet people, travel and explore the city you have moved to, pursue your interests and hobbies, and make the most of your dorm life.