If you are planning to own and store bitcoins, you must gain knowledge about android bitcoin wallets. While there are many different types of bitcoin wallets, android bitcoin wallets are considered the safest option to store a limited amount of bitcoins. Bitcoin android wallets are the applications that allow users to send, receive and store bitcoins on android devices. Through these mobile wallets, payments can be made easily and quickly, but it is important to make sure that these wallets are connected to the internet constantly. Internet connection is what makes these wallets vulnerable to scams and attacks.

However, mobile devices often get stolen, lost or broken but taking few security measures with creating a backup of your coins and will secure them while using android wallets. Visit btcrevolution.io to learn the strategies and process of bitcoin trading safely through digital wallets. Let’s understand the overview of bitcoin wallets in this article.

Overview of Bitcoin Wallets

Regardless of the way that you choose to buy bitcoin, the best practice is to make sure you store your coins in your bitcoin android wallets and not store them on non-custodial wallets or crypto exchanges. This is because the exchanges don’t provide complete access to users over their private keys. While there are a plethora of different types of bitcoin wallets to choose from, you must set basic criteria for comparing different wallets and that too by checking the security and comfort of the wallet.

When talking about comfort, bitcoin android mobile wallets are the best. These are portable devices that can be carried anywhere and allow you the fastest and most convenient way to access your digital coins. However, there are few downsides of mobile wallets as well as these are less secure as compared to other wallets. Also, if your mobile device gets stolen or broken, you lost your private keys.

Let’s explore some best bitcoin wallets for android that are as follows:

Ledger Nano X

Ledger Nano X is one of the latest versions or releases of the famous wallet Ledger. Nano X can be accessed using a mobile wallet. Accessibility of this mobile wallet allows users to view and manage the updated balance of their assets from android devices. Moreover, this wallet offers high security as compared to other wallets. While this wallet’s setup procedure and installation process are imperfect, the user interface of this wallet is best and updated in this model. Ledger Nano X supports more than 1000 assets, but it is costly as it is available in a separate portable and dedicated device.


Zeno is one of the most popular crypto wallets that are keyless. There isn’t any security tradeoff in this crypto wallet, and by applying this inventive cryptographic solution, users are provided great ease to store their digital coins hassle-free. Users don’t even have to worry about securing the private keys of their digital wallets with Zeno. This digital wallet has numerous features, including high intuitive user interface, coin exchange and coin staking. It supports a huge number of coins that are enough to cover the altcoins portfolio of a user but doesn’t support Litecoin. This mobile wallet is completely free, but there are charges for buying and trading digital coins.


Earlier, Edge was referred to as Airbitz. It is a multi-currency and open-source bitcoin wallet application. Because of its open-source code, this wallet is considered highly secure. Additionally, this wallet is beginner-friendly and provides high convenience to beginners in storing and trading coins. It has a partnership with many businesses that are early adopters of bitcoin, and this wallet offers a heavy discount to users to make purchases through the app. Edge is also available in the iOS version.


MyCelium is an open-source mobile wallet that has amazing security and privacy features. This wallet is a big complex and complicated for beginners, but it is still considered the market’s safest wallet. Despite being an open-source wallet, the code of this wallet is upgraded constantly. Mycelium doesn’t support a desktop or web interface, which clearly means that you can only access your digital coins through mobile wallets, which is highly convenient.