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OMG, we thought lockdown would never end but we are finally getting there, at least we hope. I am not sure what you have missed the most, but we are certainly enjoying our beers out. Looking “normal” again with a proper haircut is also doing us the world of good.

One thing that hasn’t happened yet, but is now allowed, is some adult fun. We can get back on Grindr, Tinder and apps like that but to be honest I am not sure how secure and comfortable I feel just yet. I think I might just stick with my collection of gay sex toys for now. I have been loving hugging my mates and family so at least some contact has been enjoyed.

I am sure I’ll be ready for some intimate contact soon but before I do that the one thing I need, is some sexy new underwear, I mean, you want that first impression to be good. At esmale we have a great selection of underwear ranges from big brands Like Addicted, Pump, ES Collection and many more. We just added a super sexy underwear range called Bill and Brandon. They offer great comfort, excellent value whilst making you look great!

Another point of preparation would be essentials like lube and personally I like some Poppers UK  and in particular Liquid Gold Poppers but that might not be for everyone.

Summer also brings Pride and hopefully most of them can continue on some level. Being around likeminded people promoting equality and celebrating their true self is one of our favourite things to do. Unfortunately, some big ones like Brighton Pride have already postponed till 2022 but I am hopeful we can enjoy some great Pride this summer. The thought of being in the street or in a park dancing the day and night away surrounded by people will feel surreal but in a great way.

Adventum UniAcco

Another thing about summer for me has always been, at least one, trip abroad but that seems to still be a little complicated. There are many restrictions, and they keep changing them. So, for me this year will be mainly about exploring all the beauty the UK has to offer. A combination of city breaks and some long weekends on the beach will do me just fine.

Have a great summer everybody and don’t forget to check out the Summer sale at plus an additional discounts for students with voucher code POCKET10. This code is also valid on

With Love,

Team esmale