SUMMER. IS HERE! And so far we’ve seen some lovely hot weather – long may it continue. Should this be the case, you might like to keep your room and house cool to avoid those hot and humid sleepless nights. Read these 10 handy hacks to help sleep better and keep the heat away from your bedroom and body!….

  1. BLOCK IT: Close the blinds/curtains during the day. This helps to block the sun and stop it heating up your room throughout the day! You’re a student anyway, right? It’s part of the lifestyle.

  2. USE APPLIANCES AT NIGHT: Wash clothes at night, or better still get your folks to do it for you. Using large appliances (such as washing machines) gives off a lot of heat during the day which can linger.

  3. DIY AIR CON: Who needs air conditioning!? Grab a bowl, fill it with ice and place said bowl in-front of a fan for the ultimate student DIY air con machine!

  4. SMART FANS: If you have any spare fans, remember they don’t actually cool the air, they just move it around. So position them smartly near windows and hallways so they can create a draft and move the cool air from either outside, or from other parts of the house to warmer parts. The smarter way to sleep better.

  5. THINK FANS: Use any house fans such as bathroom extractor or kitchen fan to suck out that hot air and put it outside, where it belongs.

  6. BREATHE EASY: Make sure your bedding and mattress are breathable. Linen sheets are best and remember to check if you have bed slats, that there’s enough room to allow the air to flow through the mattress. Did you know you can even try freezing your bed sheets! Put them in a bag first then pop them in the freezer for about an hour.

  7. PM COOL DOWN ROUTINE: Have a nighttime cool down routine. For instance take a nice lukewarm shower (not cold) as the warm water cools your core body temperature. Also: freeze a washcloth (or a water bottle), avoid big meals, spicy food and alcohol. Yes sorry – alcohol causes your blood vessels to dilate and move closer to the surface of the skin – you basically sweat.

  8. LOW, LOW, LOW: Sleep on a lower floor if you have the option. Heat rises so think opposites. We’ve got this.

  9. NUDE NOT RUDE: Sleep naked. Just don’t give the neighbours a fright. And to keep your skin cool, use a damp cloth on your forehead and apply aloe vera.

  10. KEEP HYDRATED: An obvious one, but not so obvious when you’ve not followed the avoid alcohol tip, and gone to bed after spending all day in the sun drinking cider. Have some nice cold water with you to cool you down at night and quench that hangover thirst.

We hope these 10 tips to reduce temperature so you sleep better and enjoy summer to its fullest. Not only do you need enough rest to focus on studies but partying tired is just not the same.