Being a student can be stressful at times, and though it can be exciting to go through the experience with a partner in your life, it can also be tricky to navigate. When you finally do find yourself with some free time, you may be wondering what the best ways to use it are.

Though depression is a very common mental health disorder, it can have a major impact on romantic relationships. Though individuals should attempt to work on their wellness on their own, there are also many holistic ways you can find ways to connect and grow together.

Make Time For Each Other 

Even if you socialise in similar friend groups, it’s important to have one-on-one time with your partner. Though you may spend a lot of time together during your daily life, really carving out time in your schedule to date and enjoy each other’s company can be a huge game-changer in every relationship. Consider taking a night out to have dinner together, trying a new hobby, or just going for a walk without distractions (like your phone).

Quality time like this also offers the opportunity for effective communication, and calm environments to bring up any tension in the relationship. These kinds of conversations can be uncomfortable at first, but prevent any long lasting damage.

Prioritise Each Other’s Needs 

Do everything you can to listen to what your partner is asking from you to feel safe and secure in the relationship, and do the same with yours. At times, this may mean they need a little space, or they need some comfort. It’s important to make it a priority to respect each other’s needs and boundaries.

Though relationships can require efforts to thrive, they can be extremely satisfying and beautiful things in life. Love is a gift to be cherished and nurtured as you move through life.