Running a car can be expensive. Especially for new drivers who are just starting out at university. If you’re a new driver and student, check out our guide to keeping your car running costs down.

Shop around for insurance

Do your research when it comes to your car insurance to keep your running costs down. It might be beneficial to get yourself and your car on a parent’s insurance when you first start to drive, to keep your costs down.

Buy economical tyres

Buying budget tyres that last longer will help you to keep your car running costs down. Luckily, you can get good cheap tyres without compromising on safety.

Stay up to date with servicing

MOT and servicing needs to happen for older cars on an annual basis. It is a legal requirement in the UK, and it ensures that your car stays in good running order for longer. Staying up to date will save you cash.

Consider your fuel options

The price of fossil fuels is skyrocketing across the country with oil supply chains in jeopardy and due to climate concerns. Moving to an electric vehicle might save you a decent amount of cash and help the climate.

Do your car checks

Getting into the habit of checking your car is in running order will help to minimise service costs. Check your tyre pressure, wipers, windscreen and general motor health regularly, so you can fix things before they become issues.

Take your Pass Plus

Taking your Pass Plus driving course can significantly reduce your insurance costs. It is only a six-hour course and will help build your confidence as a new driver.

Buy a good condition car

When buying your first car, price is often one of the deciding factors. However, a cheaper car can end up costing you more over time. Get a better condition car from the start to save money.

Get rid of excess weight

Keeping your boot clear and excess stuff off your seats and floor will help to reduce your fuel cost. The heavier your car is, the more fuel it will use to get around. Costing you more in the long run.

Keep it well maintained

Keeping your car in good condition will ensure it does not need excess servicing. Cleaning your car yourself, ensuring any windscreen chips are fixed etc will help to save your cash.

Buy your tax annually

Buying your road tax annually will reduce your overall cost, allowing you to save cash as a new driver. This also works for insurance. If you can, pay all your costs for the year upfront to enjoy discounts.