For anyone who has been driving for many years or covers lots of miles on the road as part of their job, it is highly likely that they have been involved in a car accident or at least seen one or several happen. Whilst in some instances it may be clear how or why they happened, but in some car accidents it can be quite difficult to determine exactly what the cause of it was. 

Having done the research, we have been able to determine exactly what the most common reasons for car accidents (in the USA) are:

Driving too fast

Most of us have likely seen someone that is driving way beyond the speed limit and too fast for the road conditions in front of them. Driving like this is a sure fire way of getting involved in a serious car accident, as the faster the speed, the less amount of time that a driver has to be able to react to a change in the conditions or the actions of another driver. By obeying the speed limits at all times, these types of car accidents can be avoided.

Not stopping for red lights

Everyone on the road knows that a red light means that they should stop. However, despite of this, some people, for whatever reason, still decide to not obey this command and drive through a red light. Doing this can and often does lead to some sort of car accident happening. Because the accidents caused are typically side on collisions, they can have very serious consequences for the vehicle that is hit. This is why the traffic laws should always be obeyed and red lights never run.

Driving at night

Whilst driving during the day can be hazardous enough, driving at night comes with a whole host of extra dangers that you need to be aware of and vigilant for. Not being able to see what lies ahead of you in the road means that as a driver, you are unable to anticipate what might be coming. This is why driving at night, you need to be extra focused in order to avoid being involved in a car accident.

Driving in the rain

When the roads become wet from rainfall, they become slick and slippery, thus making them very dangerous surfaces for any vehicles that are on them, especially when they are travelling at speed. The braking distances become a lot longer and harsh braking can even cause s vehicle to aquaplane. In order to avoid this from happening, keeping driving in the rain to a minimum – it should only be done when absolutely necessary.

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