Zoom meetings have pretty much become a standard part of everyone’s lives nowadays, but there are a few things you should try to avoid over the course of the call. Here’s a list of what you should and shouldn’t do in your Zoom meetings.


During Zoom meetings, you’re likely going to be using a webcam to be seen. If this is the case, definitely try to get at least a somewhat decent one. If your camera is blocky and freezing every five seconds it’s going to make the call very difficult for all involved.

In addition to the webcam, you’re going to need to make sure your microphone and headphones are good quality. There’s no point in trying to talk to someone and they can’t understand you through all the white noise. Similarly, you’re going to need to be able to hear what your associates are saying clearly.

On the subject of microphones, make sure you mute yours if you need to. Absolutely no one is going to mind if you mute yourself for a few minutes if you’re saving their ears from a howling dog.

You’re also going to want to make sure you have good lighting for your camera. Too bright or too dark and the other meeting members won’t be able to see you.

If you’re using a laptop for your Zoom meetings you really need to make sure you have it plugged in before you start. Your meeting could overrun unexpectedly, and you don’t want to be kicked out of the meeting when your laptop dies.


As tempting as it may be, do not – under any circumstance – only half dress for your Zoom meetings. Nobody wants to see your fluffy pyjama bottoms when you get up to grab a drink mid-meeting. Even if you can’t see any reason that might make you stand up during the call, it’s best to be prepared to avoid embarrassment.

You should also try to have a plain background, preferably with nothing moving or anything that could be considered distracting. If you really can’t find anywhere in your house that might be suitable, you can try using a virtual background. This should ideally just be a white screen or something, however, as some of the backgrounds available are even more distracting than whatever you may have in real life.

In group Zoom meetings, it’s generally best to mute your microphone while someone else is talking. Of course, this depends on the situation, but it’s most likely that you won’t need to interject. If you do need to quickly say something, it’s only a single click to unmute yourself, anyway.

This goes without saying, but make sure you don’t complain about the meeting just because you think you’re on mute. Computer glitches can always happen, or you may have slightly missed the button, and that’s pretty bad news if you’re sitting there bad mouthing the other members.

These are just a few of the most important things to remember during your Zoom meetings. Obviously there are many smaller things to think about (like keeping a notebook nearby), but these are my top tips.