Dai Time, described by many as a ‘quadruple threat’, is a teen influencer, editor, media correspondent and host. At only 15 years old, Time boasts an impressive 386,000 Instagram followers and has made her debut interviewing stars at red carpet events, as well as being the founder of her own magazine (Dai Time Magazine) since 2017. Now, Dai Time is here to speak to The Student Pocket Guide about her career so far…

Dai Time: Celebrity Correspondent and Magazine Founder at the Age of 15 by Jessica Doran

Hey Dai, it’s great to have this Q and A with you. I’m excited to hear all about you and your career!

Why don’t we begin by just telling our readers a little bit about yourself?

Hi, I’m officially Dai time pronounced ‘day time’. I’m a 15 year old celebrity media correspondent, host, roller skater, author and magazine founder and editor.

How did you get into this line of work in the media?

Talking and hosting has always been my favourite thing to do. Holding a mic and standing centre stage is genuinely exciting. I love being up close and front, asking questions that my peers would want to hear. I thought one day, why not keep my mic and interview celebrities on the red carpet.

What made you create Dai Time Magazine?

Dai Time Magazine was created to feature amazing stories about youth for youth; I felt this angle was missing from other magazines.

Dai Time

You’ve been described as being ‘a quadruple threat’, but what do you enjoy most out your career?

I enjoy every single moment of my career. My many hats and talents keep me going; I enjoy every single moment of my career.

What advice would you give to young people trying to do the same?

Youth trying to do the same should stay encouraged no matter what.

What would you say your main career goal would be?

My main career goal would definitely consist of me hosting a show of some sort.

How would you like to use your influencer status in the future?

I would like to use my influence positively and to continue highlighting phenomenal youth.

Why don’t we conclude this Q and A with three words to describe what is yet to come from you…

Being dedicated, energetic, and caring.

If you would like to find out more about Dai Time Magazine then you can here.

Dai Time: Celebrity Correspondent and Magazine Founder at the Age of 15 by Jessica Doran