Whether you had a heavy night on the shots or a late library ‘sesh’, it is not the easiest to wake up for a 9 AM and feel put together. Saying that you can try and make it seem like you do – what? That’s right, it can all be a disguise… With those 5 tequila shots still lingering the morning after, here are some easy makeup tips to use for those deadly 9 AM starts and save being late…

Scrap the foundation

A few dots of concealer underneath the eyes should be enough to wake up your skin. But if you are more comfortable with a fuller coverage, opt for a tinted moisturiser or a light foundation that doesn’t take much hassle to blend in. Remember, your fingers are great tools. Using them to apply your base makeup can speed things up due to their warmth.

Dust of powder

You do not need to cake on the powder. A few swipes will be enough to take away the shine and help with any oily areas. A translucent pressed powder is a good piece of kit to have if you like to get things done in a flash. It saves any messiness and the stress of colour matching – no patchy areas!

Don’t over bronze

Using bronzer when you’re in a rush can be risky business. Therefore, make sure you use a light hand and gently build up your desired look. No time for contouring here, a few strokes can be enough to give you that healthy bronzed finish.

Apply a little bit on your eyelids with a large eyeshadow brush whilst you’re at it. Let’s be real, you will not have time to be messing about with your 27 colour eyeshadow palette. Brushing a bit of bronzer through the eye crease will give some definition and allow your lids to appear less flat.

Lay off the highlighter

Similar to bronzer, applying highlighter could all go very wrong when running late – got to consider these precautions. Rather than a powder highlighter, going for a dewy setting spray can be an alternative way of achieving a soft glow. This is far quicker and can really polish things off!

No-fuss brows

If you are blessed with naturally luscious brows, lucky you. Give them a brush through with a spoolie and you are good to go. If not, do not worry. The great thing about the current no-fuss brow trend is perfected, ‘fleeky’ brows are no longer as much on the scene. So, no need to fret about carving your brow bone with a concealer.

An eyebrow pencil is a great tool to have in your kit for quick use. Apply a few light strokes whilst continuously brushing through in-between. Your pencil should be soft enough to blend in with your eyebrow hairs. If you have the time, finish with a light layer of eyebrow gel – set those hairs in place!

Quick coat of mascara

Mascara is a vital to wake up those tired 9 AM eyes. Forget curling your lashes and applying multiple layers, a quick coat is enough – BUT, be cautious of that mascara wand. The last thing you want is to accidentally plonk a big black dot on your face – the WORST might I add. Brush off any excess product on the wand and push upwards to curve your lashes.

Lipstick dab

Now isn’t the time to line your lips and create an immaculate pout. Apply your regular lip balm and then a few dabs of a neutral, ‘my lips but better’ lipstick shade. Smooth in the lipstick with the balm to create a subtle look whilst keeping your lips moisturised – bonus!

Remember, if you’re really late, don’t bother

You do not need to wear makeup. And when you are running really behind, ‘au naturale’ is the way to go. These are just a few tips if you are a regular makeup wearer and want to cut down on some of the steps – plus have some extra time in bed! Good luck with your 9 AM starts. They are certainly not the nicest but prepare you for the real world (urgh, how many times have you heard that before).