For as long as you can remember, you’ve wanted a job in the field of technology. You love everything about computers and tech products, and you’re excited by the latest industry trends. Whether you’ve worked in the field for a while or are just looking to get started, you’re always eager to learn. You may even realise that earning a degree or certificate can help you take the next steps toward achieving your career goals. To get there, consider enrolling in a technology-related certificate programme. As for which certificates will best help you prepare for your future, consider the following programme suggestions:

1. Cybersecurity

As our world becomes ever more reliant on technology, it will become gravely important to thwart any cybersecurity threats that could seriously compromise the data of different companies and individuals. Earning a cybersecurity certificate can help give you the tools necessary to secure sensitive data and protect companies and individuals against data breaches. 

For example, for a busy person like you who has a number of responsibilities that may include a job, family obligations and other duties, an online cybersecurity certificate would be an ideal avenue to pursue. This way, you could fit the certificate programme around your already packed schedule and pursue your education from home, rather than driving to a brick-and-mortar school. A cybersecurity certificate programme will teach you how to keep networks and systems safe, the ethical and legal guidelines for the selection of security solutions, and information and assurance policies.

2. Cloud Computing Certificate Programme

Another solid certificate programme to pursue is in cloud computing. In fact, cloud solutions represent a robust industry that’s now mainstream. And as more and more companies turn to the cloud for various workplace solutions, being knowledgeable in this area can help make you build an in-demand skill set. 

In addition to helping increase your potential, a certificate in cloud computing may help keep your job more secure. As you might already know firsthand, IT jobs and skills can change over time, and what was needed when you were first hired might not be as useful now. You may find that certain cloud computing certificates are specific to vendors. Knowing what your company utilises will help you choose the best certificate programme for your career.

3. Certified Data Professional

Your company has to deal with a huge amount of data on a daily basis. According to, this “big data” must be analyzed for insights that can help company executives make better decisions and develop future strategies. As such, earning a certificate to become a certified data professional means you’ll not only handle enormous amounts of data but also break it down into understandable and relevant chunks of information for C-level executives and other company leaders. By combining big data with analytics, you’ll be able to identify the cause of any issues or problems or predict a customer’s buying behaviour based on past purchases and then offer the customer a specific discount.

Certificates Can Help Propel Your Career Forward

Enrolling in an online certificate programme can be a great start as you pursue your career goals. By choosing a certificate programme in highly sought-after fields like cybersecurity, cloud computing, enterprise architecture, software development and more, you can prepare to join an exciting and trending career field.