Some of the best money-making side hustles for students are ones that they can do in their spare time away from studies. However, many people don’t have a lot of free time on their hands, which is why this list is here to help you find the perfect side hustle regardless of your time availability.

Side Hustle | Printing Services

Some people are great at printing photos, and there’s always someone looking for a quick print job. Offer this service to friends or family members who require prints from their digital cameras. 

If this opportunity grows, you can expand it to a full-on printing business and incorporate services like printed swing tags, card printing, and so on.

Graphic Design

There’s always someone who needs a brochure designed or a flyer. You can find clients through posting to social media networks like Facebook and Instagram. If you’re good with photography, offer design services for graphics and photo editing.

Delivery Jobs

Some delivery jobs, like delivering pizza and food items, require a car. But don’t worry! There are plenty of other opportunities for students who have bikes or can walk around their neighbourhood to make money on the side. Post flyers in your local grocery stores about picking up groceries that customers order online and deliver them.

This is such an excellent side hustle that can cater to needs such as date nights, school projects, and whatnot.


This is one of those “have your cake and eat it too” side hustles since you can take the photos for clients on the weekends when school isn’t in session. And because digital cameras are so easily accessible these days, there’s no need to buy a fancy camera!

Social Media Management

This is another great one for students who don’t have much free time during the weekdays. Offer this service through social media networks like Twitter or Facebook. Besides, it might be as simple as running contests that people enter by liking your page. If you’re good with graphic design skills, offer banner ads and website designs too.

Content Creation Services

If you’re a student and your schedule is flexible—meaning school doesn’t take up all of your time – this could be the perfect side hustle for you. Offer content writing services to local businesses in need of help with blog posts or articles. If you want to branch out from just creating content, offer copywriting services as well.

House Sitting

You can do this one on weekends when classes aren’t in session, and because it’s an important job that needs doing anyway, someone will likely hire you. This might not seem like much work at first glance, but house sits often last longer than regular pet-sitting jobs do (typically two weeks). So if you’re looking for a way to make some extra cash, this is one option worth considering.

Pet Sitting

This might be the easiest side hustle on this list: all you have to do is hang out with someone else’s pet! You can set your hours and find clients through social media networks like Facebook or Twitter. 

This type of work also has perks because many people will pay more if they feel that their pets are in good hands while they’re away from home. And since most animals love being around other critters anyway, the chances are high that your furry client would be happy as well!

Freelance Writing

For those who like to write and want an easy way to make extra cash, freelance writing is an excellent option. For example, you could write blog posts or articles for businesses looking to increase traffic and generate leads without quitting your day job.


If you’re good at math, science, or any other subject that requires knowledge in a particular area, then you’re in luck! Offer your services through companies like or offer them on the side to parents looking for a tutor for their children.

Music Lessons

This is one of those “have your cake and eat it too” type gigs because you can take lessons during school semesters when you have free time, then teach other people how to play instruments once classes are over. Not everyone has musical talent, so this might be an interesting opportunity where clients will pay well.


The above side hustles are for you to ponder through and choose the best one to fill your free time. Remember, each hustle has its skills, downsides, and pay rate, so don’t go into it thinking you’ll benefit equally from all. Please choose wisely.