Freedom Day has arrived, and it couldn’t have been timed better. With the UK enjoying a heatwave, it is the perfect time for everyone to get out and enjoy themselves, safely of course, whilst also considering the cheapest options to help save those important pounds.

Over lockdown, dating apps became the norm with 82% of singles turning online as they isolated indoors and 1 in 5 relationships beginning online. However, now restrictions have eased, we can get back out again and begin to meet people in person. You could find them anywhere, with 18% of couples meeting partners through work or even whilst you are out clubbing!

The more difficult decision is deciding what to do on your first date! It can be stressful, nerve-racking and expensive. The average Brit was going on two dates a month pre-covid, which can really add-up! According to a poll by Plenty of Fish, single Brits end up spending around £1350 a year on nights out for two!

To help your bank account and love life, Fresh Student Living have researched the cheapest and most expensive cities in the UK to go on a date in by tallying up the price of two margarita pizzas, a couple of pints, two movie tickets and a ride home.

Unsurprisingly, London took top spot for the most expensive date, with the average two dates costing a Londoner £136! On the other end of the scale, Newcastle has been revealed as the cheapest UK city for a date, setting lovebirds back £44 for a night on the town, followed closely by Bristol, Cardiff and Reading.

The cheapest UK cities to have a date in:   

Those in Cardiff, Bristol and Newcastle can stress less about money impacting their love lives, with dating costing around £1,104 a year in Cardiff and Bristol, and £1,056 in Newcastle.

Top 10 Cheapest Dates (Per Date)

Newcastle: £41
Bristol: £46
Cardiff: £46
Reading: £47
Norwich: £48
Exeter: £49
Oxford: £49
Swansea: £49
Bradford: £49
Belfast: £50

The most expensive UK cities to have a date in:  

Singletons in London, Kingston and Guildford, face the most expensive dates overall. Going out twice a month can cost a Londoner around £1,632 a year, followed by £1,536 in Kingston and £1,488 in Guildford

Top 10 Most Expensive Dates (Per Date)

London: £68
Winchester: £65
Essex: £64
Kingston: £64
Guildford: £62
Birmingham: £61
Cambridge: £60
Edinburgh: £60
Nottingham: £60
Leeds: £58