With how much phone cameras have improved over time, many photographers are opting to use them for professional quality images. While you can’t beat a “proper” camera, some smartphones certainly come close.

Smartphones have come a long way, with their cameras going from grainy and blurry to extremely high quality in just 10 years. Some of these cameras are so amazing that it can sometimes be tough to tell the difference between a photo taken by a phone and one taken by a proper camera.

The Best Phone Cameras 2021

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra features 5 different cameras: a front, an ultra wide, a wide, and 2 telephotos. These take ultra high resolution pictures, with the wide camera boasting a 108MP lens. Photos taken using this phone can be unbelievable, looking almost like they were taken by a super high quality (and very expensive) camera.

Coming close to the S21 Ultra is the iPhone 12 Pro Max. The wide camera captures 27% more light, making your pictures more vivid and vibrant. Using LiDAR (light detection and ranging) technology allows the camera to focus much faster, even in low lighting settings. The cool thing about this is that NASA use LiDAR to conduct atmospheric studies in space!

The Google Pixel 5 is another new phone with incredible camera capabilities. It has a special setting called “Night Sight” that allows for beautiful vibrant images to be taken in the dark without using a flash, meaning you can grab memorable photos of the night sky easily. Its cameras may only be 12.2MP and 16MP, but other aspects make up for it and still produce crisp photos.

The Galaxy S21 Ultra isn’t the only member of the Samsung family to have excellent cameras. The S21 and the S21+ have 12MP ultra wide cameras as well as 64MP telephoto cameras. They also feature super fast auto focus, making it that much easier to grab brilliant photos in a split second.

With a 50MP primary rear camera, the Huawei Mate 40 Pro is another near-professional quality camera smartphone. Its laser sensor means auto focus is fast and accurate, and the “Steady Shot” feature makes your videos more stable.

So, if you’re looking to get into photography but don’t necessarily want to splash out on a fancy camera, then one of these may be the best option for you – especially if you’re already looking to upgrade your phone. These smartphones might not be cheap, but they’re definitely worth a thought, and they cost considerably less than a high-quality professional camera.