Researchers spend a good part of their lives doing what they do best and they know the basic concepts of writing a good research paper. But this is different when you need to write an academic research paper.

One of the most critical steps to get your work accepted is to write an effective research paper. Academic research writing is more than just gathering ideas and results in one place. To hone your skills in academic research writing, follow these tips.

Develop your main idea with your audience and organisation in mind

The main idea is the focal point of your paper and it serves as the basis of your main argument. For instance, if your thesis is to argue for the benefits derived from stem cell research, concentrate on finding and developing support for those benefits.

One aspect that is often overlooked when writing a paper is the audience. But remember that the main goal of this document is to convey knowledge and information effectively to the reader – your audience. Keep them in mind when writing your paper to stay remained focused while presenting your ideas. A good academic research paper should also be well-organised. It should follow a clear flow of thoughts. Remaining focused on your argument will help you develop organised written work.

Research in an organised way

An academic research paper will become more comprehensive if you collect as many resources as you can. You can achieve this is by reading plenty of resources. Through research, you will find the best support for your argument. The more resources you have, the better your argument will be.

It’s not a good move to try and tackle your argument all at once. You first need enough information about the subject to come up with an outline of everything you need to include in your paper. Then you can work on each part of the argument separately. While you write the first draft, you will discover the connections between the different parts. Use a system to organise your research in terms of how you will gather and arrange your data and notes.

Writing help when needed

As a college student, writing an academic research paper can be a challenge. But since it is part of your coursework and education, you need to complete this written task. Practicing is essential to hone your writing skills. But if you’re like me, you might need some assistance. As such, you can send a write a research paper for me request on StudyClerk. A professional and reliable writing service that will provide you with what you need to excel in your studies.

Use research as a thinking tool and share your work with others

To understand your research, try to find various ways of expressing the same idea. Make sure that your ideas are both clear and concise when communicating them.

Being clear and concise are skills developed through practice. It’s also a good move to share your research paper with your coursemates or friends, then ask them if they understood your idea, is it clear enough, are there correlations between the ideas in your arguments, and more.

Also, ask which parts of the paper they found easy to understand and which parts were too difficult. Feedback, whether negative or positive is one of the best ways to hone your writing.

Write and edit

Some writers feel that they should start writing much sooner. But you should remember that the research you do before writing will make everything easier for you. What you have found is very important as it will create for you a clear, interesting, and strong research paper.

When writing your paper, you don’t have to worry about using the perfect words, having the perfect grammar, or thinking of the perfect title. You will have time to refine your research paper during the editing stage. First, focus on writing your draft.

Your research paper should be carefully edited for grammar and punctuation. Some writers find this part of writing a daunting and seemingly unnecessary task. But these days, there are plenty of resources and tools that can make this part easier.

Check out applications like Struck, White’s Elements of Style, or Grammarly. You can use the second one if you aren’t sure of when to use punctuations like semicolons or commas, or run-on sentences.


Writing is at the heart of your academic life as a student. When you become a researcher, you will spend a lot of time building on research. Just remember that a research paper written effectively and clearly is crucial to get your research paper accepted.

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