Made from UK milled vitamin enriched wheat flour and spent grain, the Salubre pizza base is everything that is great about pizza, but better for you.

In a major innovation for the pizza industry, Salubre, is the new healthy pizza base on the market with almost a quarter less calories (22% less) than a standard pizza base. ‘Salubre’ means wholesome in Italian and is the result of significant research and technical development by the team at the Homemade Pizza Club.

The Salubre is forecast to be a game-changer in the pizza industry allowing people to eat a full-sized pizza, with toppings of their choosing, but with several significant health and nutrition benefits in the pizza base itself. Previously, healthier option pizza has been achieved with less or low-calorie toppings or smaller pizza, but Salubre will turn this on its head with a healthier base that aids digestion.

Here is how the Salubre pizza base compares to a standard pizza base:

22% less calories
20% less sodium
14% more protein
Double the fibre of a regular pizza base

The Salubre tastes incredible and is made with a combination of UK milled, vitamin enriched wheat flour and spent Barley grains. Spent grains are the leftover grains from the brewing process and are a highly nutritious food source, being high in fibre and protein. Increased fibre and protein intake has been proven to be an effective way to reduce overall calorie intake and to reduce the risk of developing heart disease, diabetes and of becoming obese.

James Sturdy, Founder, The Homemade Pizza Club, said; “We are excited to launch the new Salubre pizza base. We are on a mission to help make pizza part of your balanced diet. We believe there is an alternative to sugary and fatty takeaway pizzas and unhealthy supermarket options that means you can enjoy pizza the way you like it whilst also achieving an overall balanced diet. Rich and full of flavour, the spent grains that are used to make the Salubre pizza base come from a Yorkshire brewery, not only reducing food miles but also using a product that otherwise goes to waste. So, the Salubre pizza is not only better for you, but better for the environment!”

The Salubre comes in a Homemade Pizza Club Kit delivered to your home:


£12.45 for 2 pizza / £24.95 for 5 pizza GBP

The Salubre pizza kit contains 2 x Hand-Pressed Salubre Pizza Bases (11.5″) topped with Tomato and Herb sauce; 2 x Portions Mozzarella (120g each).


Before stretching and baking, we ferment our pizza dough for 48 hours which creates complex aroma and depth of flavour in the pizza. It also allows the proteins and gluten in the flour to break down and develop, making a healthier and much more digestible pizza that won’t leave you feeling bloated.

Select additional toppings from our range of authentic Italian options.

The UK is facing an obesity crisis and foods deemed as high fat, salt and sugar (HFSS) along with our reliance on processed foods for more and more of our calorie intake have led to around 1 in 4 UK adults and 1 in 5 UK children being classed as obese.

Homemade Pizza Club was created to enable people to create delicious pizza in minutes. Starting with freshly made sourdough pizza bases that come already topped with sauce, for convenience, giving people a way to create a quick and delicious pizza, with no stress and no mess! Homemade Pizza Club was created to give people complete control over their calorie intake and enables people to use a little less cheese or add from our list of healthier-for-you toppings, many of which are packed with healthy vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It is all about convenience, choice, delicious pizza and most of all, having fun! For more information about Homemade Pizza Club please visit