Whilst we don’t condone excessive drinking, it’s likely you’ll experience the dreaded hangover every so often, it’s a part of student life. If your will power is defeated as soon as the first drink touches your lips, if you let loose and find yourself feeling delicate the next morning (day), here’s a few tips to help get you through…

  1. If possible, drink as much water as you can BEFORE you go to sleep (and even in-between alcoholic drinks whilst out). It won’t be a priority at the time but it’ll certainly feel worth it when you eventually wake up, by helping to hydrate your body and hopefully avoiding an awful headache the following day.
  1. When you wake up, if you’re feeling up for it, cook a full English breakfast! Eggs contain cysteine (found in the amino acids), which counteracts the poisonous effects of the chemical acetaldehyde (the chemical produced by the body as it metabolises alcohol). The tasty meal is also full of carbs which help restore depleted sugar levels.
  1. Drift through the day in comfy clothes and a good Netflix binge, taking the occasional nap. Order loads of junk food and pig out on your favourite pizza, garlic bread and ice-cold fizzy coke, using literally zero energy until you’ve recharged, however long that might be.
  1. Depending upon your energy levels, try and pick yourself up and go to the gym. No need to go crazy, but by doing some light exercise is great since it will release endorphins, improving your mood and increasing oxygen flow to the brain. A nice steam room if your gym has one, is a much-added bonus!
  1. If the gym is not an option, and you have a little energy (and if the weather is nice enough), go for a walk and get some fresh air. This will still help to release endorphins and give you that mental lift.
  1. Feeling random? Grab your favourite hoody so you can hide a little from people and visit your closest zoo. Wander round aimlessly whilst taking in the sounds of exotic and interesting animals. Maybe adopt a goat.
  1. If none of the above work, have another drink and make the pain go away, even if just for another day.