Giving your brain time to switch off between studying can sometimes be a difficult task, but in order for you to get the most out of your studies, you will need to give your brain time to soak up the information you have given it, rather than overloading it with too much information at once. This can cause you to forget important parts of your study.

Reaching out to people

It is very important to keep in touch with all your contacts, though it is too easy, unfortunately, to let them fall by the wayside. Having a broad foundation of friends to help you through difficult times and family to offer support when you need them is very important to your mental health and wellbeing.

When you are living on campus or away from your family and old friends, you can feel lonely and cut off from the world. Making new friends is not always easy, but you do need to realise that all those around you are in the same situation. One of the best ways to get your head away from the stresses of your current lifestyle is to contact your old friends and your family and have a chat, whether it is via phone, text, or email.

This will not only give you some other topics to think about, as there could be plenty of news from your home life, but will give you an opportunity to totally download your brain, thoughts and feelings about how your life is going as well.

Playing games

Playing games can help immensely with escapism and giving your mind something else to focus on. Some games can be very intense, and although it is good to be able to totally immerse yourself in these, you may find that it is very easy to lose track of time, and these types of games are probably best left for playing at weekends or through the holidays.

However, there are other games that are not so intense but can also help you calm your mind and switch off from your studying. These games are generally short, spontaneous games like slot machines. Such games that can be found on Games like these can be dipped in and out of and do not require hours and hours of gameplay.

Socialising with friends

Although you may feel that you spend all day with your friends at college or university and really you would just like some time away from them, you may find that changing the location of where you meet or where you go together could be the change which you need.

This will start new topics of conversation with your friends rather than it all being campus-led, and you may find that it deepens and makes your friendships stronger.

A trip with friends to a cinema, theatre, or even to the local drinking establishment to watch sports games or join in on a quiz night can bring up new topics for conversation and produce interesting links which you may not have realised you had in common.