You may be nervous about entering university as a new student. Don’t be concerned; The Student Pocket Guide has you covered. We’ve made a quick and useful guide to help you enjoy, survive and take advantage of Freshers!

Before your arrival

Being prepared to begin at university is preferable since it puts you in the best position. So, try to settle into your halls or student housing a few days ahead of time. Some people are more organised than others, but make sure you have completed all your course work and reading so you have time to socialise with your flatmates and others you may meet during the Freshers period. Being a student requires you to be as self-sufficient as ever, therefore you should learn some basic chores and meals before you arrive. Perhaps you might consider purchasing a recipe book or having a list of some weekly staple dishes!

Get yourself out there! It won’t hurt to join freshers’ and halls’ group conversations. This allows you to put a name to the face and communicate with your flatmates before you arrive, making the whole process less daunting. Have a look at the freshers line up and events that will be held, plan which ones you will attend with your flatmates. Never purchase tickets from websites that are not student-based or associated with the institution, as they are most often scams trying to take advantage of incoming students.

Take Advantage UniversityWhen you arrive

Try to unpack as soon as possible so that you may spend more time with your flatmates. Take advantage of the freebies, which include discounts, snacks, and even free pizza! Some are cheesy, but others may save you a lot of money in the long term. Sign up with your university’s medical practice to keep track of your health. Most importantly attend your registration meeting; by doing so, the institution will be aware that you have enrolled in the course. Prepare all valid identification and paperwork for your registration events and make sure you are in the correct queue – it will save you time later!

Connecting with flatmates and making friends

Purchase a doorstop and leave your door open while unpacking; this will help you appear social, and your flatmates will most likely talk to you as they pass by. Moving in and unpacking may be stressful so accept any assistance offered by your flatmates as this allows you the opportunity to strike up a conversation with them. Keep in mind that you’re all in the same boat, and everyone wants to meet new people so there is no need to worry. Attend the Freshers Fair to meet your peers and learn about everything your university has to offer.

University | Take AdvantageMoney and budgeting

Having part-time work during the summer and the academic year can help with university expenses. Make sure you have enough money saved to meet your expenses during freshers because your Student Loan will most likely not arrive until the start date of your programme. Make a weekly spending plan and stick to it; alcohol and eating out are expensive, so do your best to make the week as inexpensive as possible. This varies from university to university, and there may be a wait, so be prepared! If you are facing significant financial difficulties, don’t be hesitant to call or email your Student Services; they can provide you guidance and direct you to a team that can assist you financially.

Nightlife and going out

You may go out as much as you want or as little as you want. Check the criteria for each event since some may need you to dress up. Attend non-drinking socials if you don’t enjoy drinking or going on nights out. Fresher’s organisers understand that nights out aren’t for everyone, therefore they will always conduct these socials to accommodate all students since each student is unique. Arrange a lunch or a day out in town with your flatmates. This is a way to spend time with them without feeling obligated to go out.

Get to know your town or city

You will be living here for the duration of your course, so familiarise yourself with the local facilities, transportation options, and what your new home has to offer.

Staying safe and mental health

When you do go out keep full attention on your drinks and never leave them unattended. Swap numbers with flatmates and friends to keep in contact and only use licenced taxis. Always know who you’re going out with and have a backup plan and a method to return home if something goes wrong. If your mental health begins to suffer, please talk to a friend, and call Student Support; they are here to assist you. Everything you say is private, and you will not be asked to provide any information you do not choose to.


For many students, university is a home away from home. Consider your new bedroom to be a blank canvas on which to express yourself. Bring personal items from home to personalise your space. Print photographs of family and friends to hang in your room since it is comforting to reflect on memories when you are down. When you have some free time, video calling is an excellent way to interact with loved ones.

Take advantage of the sports and societies fairs!

You may look here for clubs and organisations that could be of interest to you, and you’ll be able to meet others who share your interests. You may try something new, whether it is music, culture, literature, performing arts, or politics, and if there isn’t something for you, ask your institution if you can create your own society! The fair is often hosted in the centre of the University’s campus, so take advantage of this opportunity to establish your bearings and enjoy your surroundings before your course begins.

Student services

As a student, there is a team of individuals ready to give guidance and assistance. This is available whenever you require it, so don’t be scared to inquire.

Just be yourself!

Don’t try to be someone you’re not. Because they care about you, people will love meeting you and spending time with you. Above all, remember to have fun! Take advantage of this time before you get overloaded with work and responsibilities!