One of the most beautiful states of America is Tennessee. It is not only filled with rich historical monuments in cities, but the natural beauty surrounding this state is beyond imagination. This is one the reasons. which make it a treasury hub for students across all ages. Usually, when people are visiting Tennessee, they are basically visiting Pigeon Forge, which is to Tennessee what Paris is to France.  

Pigeon Forge is a small mountain town and a perfect vacation destination located in eastern Tennessee. Pigeon Forge is not only surrounded and filled with unbelievably beautiful landscapes – mountains, waterfalls, lakes, and gardens – but also is a fun-filled town for families and friends. No wonder it is one of the prime holiday destinations for millions of people living in the United States of America.

Waterparks, theme parks, amusement rides, museums, costume parties, shopping malls, theaters, historical places, you name it’ every kind of fun activity is available to you in Pigeon Forge. So, if you are making a list, it might never end. 

Luckily for you, we got you a much shorter list. If you have never visited Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, consider this a sign, and visit this beautifully thrilling place on your next vacation. Whether it be just you planning to travel, or with your friends, Pigeon Forge has more than a spectacle to offer to students. The list below consists of 5 things you must do on your vacation to Pigeon Forge.

Let’s get started.

Zip Line Course

The most adventurous and memorable activity you can engage in Pigeon Forge is the zip line tour course in Pigeon Forge. As stated above, Pigeon Forge is surrounded by mountains – the Great Smoky Mountains range of Tennessee. And the mountains provide an ideal opportunity for a zip line course. 

There are different zip line points in Pigeon Forge, set up by different owners. Adventure Park Ziplines, Anakeesta, Foxfire Mountain Adventure Park Zip Line, and Smoky Mountain Ziplines are some of the most famous and most reviewed zip lines in the Pigeon Forge. There is also Legacy Mountains Zip Line, but it’s not exactly in Pigeon Forge, just minutes away. 

Most zip lines cover the same or similar route, which is about 1.5 miles, with similar rates. However, some zip lines are just cable cars, but others, more authentic ones, properly tie and lock you to the rope and throw you down in the air, which is more fun and thrilling. 

Ziplines take you from the mountaintop to the green down, covering miles of forested land, beautiful water bodies, and providing a perfect view of fogged peaks of the beautiful hills. People who are fond of adventure, especially zip-lining, will absolutely fall in love with the properly maintained and absolutely scenic zip line course of the Pigeon Forge. 

Pigeon Forge Snow

Everyone expects a water park in vacation-ridden towns, but what about a full-fledged, legit snow park? That’s right. This is the very first of its kind snow facility in the US, to provide real snow indoors, along with providing indoor snow tubing all year round. 

This place is a particular hit among students, and it’s one of the perfect ways to beat the heat of Tennessee. 

Pigeon Forge Snow uses a top-notch, state-of-the-art snow-making technology that transforms an indoor warehouse into a 35,000-square feet snow world. Pigeon Forge Snow, one of the most enjoyable things to do in the town, has over 15 snow tubes that use slopes covered in original snow powder instead of synthetic snow.

The snow grounds not only consist of snow tubing, but it contains several snow-filled play areas where building snowmen is an alluring activity for students across all age groups. And that’s not it, snowball fights are also allowed to double the pleasure and fun. 

If you are worried about the snow getting too cold to tolerate, you shouldn’t. For your and your friends’ comfort, Pigeon Forge Snow keeps the indoor temperature from 60 to 70 degrees year-round, which is as good as it can get.


Dollywood is the only reason behind Pigeon Forge’s fame and popularity, and that’s not an overstatement at all. In fact, if Dollywood wasn’t there, we wouldn’t be even talking about Pigeon Forge right now. It is known as one of the world’s premier theme amusement parks.  

As its name hints, Dollywood Theme Park is partly owned by and is a tribute to Dolly Parton, America’s famous singer-songwriter. The park not only contains mind-boggling amusement rides, including the world’s fastest roller coaster, the USA’s first wing coaster, and America’s first dual-launch family coaster,  but it also has uncountable entertainment points that make it an ideal destination to have the most fun of your lifetime. And all of that is surrounded by the breathtaking views of the Great Smoky Mountains.

There are more than 40 great rides and attractions in Dollywood, which suggests that not only students but also  people of all ages are welcomed here and everyone can have the time of their lives. Dollywood’s Country Fair is a special place for youngsters – taking your kid there on their birthday would definitely make it the best birthday ever.

In addition to that, Dollywood is the host of five of the South’s biggest festivals, including the Festival of Nations, which is a celebration of a multi-cultured country done by exotic food, dance, music, art, and much more. Dollywood’s food places, clubs, and event places are known for their tasteful catering and delightful concerts. 

In short, you can have the most memorable time of your life in Dollywood.

Top Jump Trampoline & Extreme Arena

If you are a group of fun-hungry friends who are looking for a once-in-a-lifetime kind of experience, Top Jump Trampoline and Extreme Arena is definitely the place for you. In fact, you will “flip out.”

It is one of the most famous trampoline parks of the country and the first-ever trampoline park of Sevier County. It is not only a perfectly safe adventure for students of all ages but also a perfect opportunity to fly high into the air and flip like you never did before. 

Tom Jump includes all traditional activities that you expect to find at a trampoline park, and then something more fun that would exceed your expectations. In addition to that, the Top Jump arena features America’s first sky-high climbing park called Clip ‘n Climb.

When you are tired of jumping all day at the trampoline and climbing the highest points, you can relax at a large gaming arcade, have tasty treats from Sugar Rush Candy Store, or just sit back and watch the entire park in front of your eyes.

Pigeon Forge City Park

Apart from the indoor fun places and entertainment centers, there’s a lot of natural beauty in Pigeon Forge. And if you want to make your Great Smokie Mountain vacation worth it, you would have to visit Pigeon Forge City Park.

The park not only contains a large grassy field for you to relax, enjoy, and have picnics, but there are also two playgrounds for kids to have fun at. Four softball fields are for those who want to enjoy softball at the foot of the picturesque mountains. Apart from that, there are about 6 tennis courts, a volleyball court, and a horseshoe pit. Pigeon Forge City Park’s fields are known for weekend tournaments and barbecue picnics.

The park also contains different trails for leisurely strolls – who wouldn’t enjoy walking under the most beautiful view?