Traveling does not come cheap, and when you are a broke college student who wants to see the world, it seems to be even more expensive. This should say that you need to be extra thrifty, so prepare for some serious reading as we explore the world of savings and discounts for travel and last-minute deals. First things first:

Why Should You Travel?

The life of a college student is very stressful. Exams, papers, deadlines, and trying to stay fit and healthy can all be overwhelming. No wonder that students struggle with stress and depression. You need some time off to give yourself a break and keep your mental health in check. So, pass on your college obligations if you cannot finish everything on time, and use THIS summer to have the summer of your life. There’s a Top Writers Review service that rates websites that do translation for you, and finish your work. That way, you can travel with the peace of mind that you deserve.

1. Eat Smart

When looking for a place to eat, look for a place full of locals. Prices are often cheaper, the recipes are genuine, and the locals even make the food, so you’ll have a unique experience. Flashy signs and English-sounding names are usually for tourists, and the recipes and prices are, well, adjusted.

2. Look Out for Last-minute Deals

If you decide to travel through a tour operator, check out some last-minute deals. You will usually find them at great discounts, even up to 50%, and you will be able to see some truly exotic destinations for a bargain. You will usually find these in mid-July and throughout September.

3. Save As Much as You Can

Save a lot and save early. Even when you are a college student and do not have much money, you can still save a lot. Use coupons, online promo codes, and use your friend’s textbooks to save a lot of money. If you can, invest it. Although one year of investment is not going to make you rich, you will be able to get up to 10% growth with some shares.

4. Check Airbnb

If you organise your travel, Airbnb is the place to start. For a super-low price, you will be able to stay in an entire house. Talk about comfort. Also, you will be able to avoid those out-of-town hotels and a long commute to the city centre.

5. Don’t Travel Alone

Travel with a friend! Traveling along makes everything two times as expensive. So bring a friend and split everything in half.

6. Forget About Any Extra Luggage

Extra luggage costs a lot. If you travel light and pack in your carry-on, you’ll even save some cash on your ticket price. So toss the bags and hit the bar with that extra cash!

7. Stay With Your Friends

If you travel to a country where there are people you may know, contact them and ask to stay over. So many people will say yes! As a bonus, you’ll have an authentic stay.

8. Use Public Transport

Public transport will save you a fortune. Although it is not so common in the states, in Europe, everybody uses it. It is a quick and cheap way to get to where you need to be.

9. Make a Daily Budget

Make a daily budget and stick to it! When you part with all the wants and keep needs only, you would be amazed by how long $50 can last. So be smart about your money: two Starbucks or a dozen souvenirs from Venice? You decide.

Last-minute dealsIf you liked this advice, check out some more travel tips for students. The industry of travel is booming, stronger than ever before. Many more students travel, even overseas, than you can imagine.


College students are under a lot of stress. One of the best ways to de-stress is to travel. So travel with our tips, even when on a low budget, and see the world. Learn another language, visit that site you always wanted to and try genuine dishes you saw on TV only so far.

Henry Mcdowell

Henry Mcdowell loves traveling. He prefers old European capitals and music centres to anything else. French, the language of romance, is his favourite, so she traveled to France quite often to make it as fluent as possible.