It cannot be denied that car accidents are unpredictable. They happen, and if you are 100% cautious, someone else might be not and you can wind up in an accident because of someone else’s mistake. However, being cautious and taking prevention methods still go a long way in keeping you and other people safe.

Because accidents not only damage your vehicle, costing you your hard-earned savings for repair service, but they also can cost you your health and fitness. Car accidents are known to be one of the causes of severely traumatic injuries and even death. And even if it’s not fatal, there is no guarantee that it won’t still affect your physical and emotional health. That’s why if you ever find yourself in a car accident, it’s important to seek help from experienced car accident lawyers who are knowledgeable in the laws related to car accidents and know how to get you the justice and compensation you deserve.

It is important to know as much as you can about different kinds of accidents, and how to play your part in preventing them from happening.

Below are 4 common kinds of car accidents along with tips to prevent them from occurring.

1. Rear-End Hits | Car Accidents

One of the most common kinds of car accidents is rear-ended collisions. Unlike sudden or unpredictable accidents, rear-end crashes can actually be avoided if the driver is careful about the road and other cars.

If a driver keeps an eye on the back mirror of a car as well as complete attention on the front road, rear-end accidents can be prevented. Otherwise, not only it can damage vehicles significantly but can also cause a number of injuries, especially to someone whose car gets hit from the back. These injuries can result in spine complications, nerve damage, neck pain, back pain, and possibly other issues. To solve these injuries in a simple, natural way, an appointment is to be made with the car accident injury chiropractor.

Below are some of the tips to avoid rear-end collisions?

  • Keep Distance: Keeping distance between your car and the car in your front and back is important. You need to keep a distance from the car in your front, so you won’t hit it if the person ahead of you presses the brakes suddenly. And you also have to make sure you are driving far ahead from the car on your back so you can stop safely and give the person behind you some time to press the brakes.

2. Windshield Breakage | Car Accidents

The windshield is one of the most likely auto parts to break in a car accident. However, there are some indirect collisions that cause windshields to break. And a driver can prevent them with strategic driving.

Most windshields break when a heavy object (a rock, a stone) hits the glass. And that happens when you are driving too close to the construction site or too close to an off-road car or truck. Sometimes, drivers get lucky and the windshield only shows some chips and cracks. If the windshield broke completely, its glass would obviously drop on the driver’s and passenger’s seat, which can cause injuries, like cuts and scars.

Here are some windshield breakage prevention methods.

  • Drive away: Stay away from cars, trucks, and other vehicles on the road. Do not drive too close to them, especially behind snowplows when they are dropping salt. That is because some large pieces can attack your windshield and crack it.
  • Construction sites: Beware of construction sites – driving around these places can damage your car.

3. Parking Crashes | Car Accidents

Parking crashes are said to occur when a parked car is hit by a running vehicle. These accidents occur in parking lots when people pull in or out of their car out of the spots adjacent to your parking space. These are the minor hits. However, the crash can also be a bigger one with the parked vehicle.

Bigger crashes occur on roadside parking, where a rogue car comes out of nowhere and destroys the parked vehicle along with itself. Needless to say, the driver of the running car will be definitely get hurt in this kind of accident. Mild to moderate injuries will be contracted, if not severe.

However, about the parked car, if a driver is not in the parked car, the damage will only be done to the car. However, if a driver or passenger is in the parked car, they are more likely to get hurt, though it depends on the speed of the other car.

Here are some suggestions to avoid parking crashes.

  • Park in a safe space: Do not park in the busiest parking lot, because that comes with the risk of getting your car hit by the other parkers. Do not park on the roadside, intersections, or at street turns, because heavy road traffic can cause maximum damage to your car. Always park in a safe space, away from heavy traffic.
  • Choose a centre spot: If you are going to park in a parking lot, choose a centre spot and make sure it is in the centre of the parking lines. That will make your car safer and provide others and you more space to pull in or out of the car.

4. Intersection Accidents | Car Accidents

Intersection accidents are probably the most common and most dangerous car accidents. In fact, intersections are considered as places where a traffic accident is bound to happen. One silly mistake or one slight neglect, and you cost yourself some heavy damage.

One of the most common reasons for intersection accidents is a distraction. Drivers who are distracted easily miss their cue of when to stop and when to go. They miss traffic signals – going from green to yellow to red. They might not notice the vehicle pausing before turning. Sometimes, even if the first driver is careful, the other might be distracted and crash into the first one.

In intersection clashes, cars usually get hit sideways. Injuries, such as broken bones, fractures, and other complications, can also be caused by intersection accidents, depending on how much speed one car hits the other. Injuries occurred in a car accident are different than other injuries; thus, they require a special kind of treatment to heal properly.

For any kind of body complication and injury, make an appointment at the best Chiropractic and Primary Care Clinics and choose your health first.

There are multiple ways how a quite rough traffic collision can occur at an intersection. However, these all are preventable. Check out the tips below.

  • Defensive driving: One should always turn on their defensive mode at intersections to avoid clashes. Be strategic, keep an eye out for rogue vehicles, and don’t let yourself be distracted, either by phone, radio, or passengers in your car.
  • Take care of the lights: Do not just hit the accelerator the moment yellow turns green. Take a moment to see if no one else is crossing the intersection, then go. Some drivers speed through yellow lights so they wouldn’t have to stop at red – always look out for them, because even though it’s their mistake, it can damage you as well. Similarly, you need to be cautious about a yellow light and not hurry.

Apart from the ones listed above, backing collisions, single-car accidents, side-impact accidents, highway crashes, and construction accidents are other common car accidents. In a nutshell, you can try to be as careful and attentive on the road as you can be to play your part in preventing them.