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Nowadays vaping has become a part of our everyday life. Most of us have seen a vape pen at least once in a lifetime. A lot of people have tried to vape at some point. Some people enjoyed that experience. A few people have become constant vapers, who have a ritual of vaping every day or a couple of times a day.

However, this does not mean that there is only a small group of people who vape. According to 2018 official data, more than 10 million people are vapers and do this activity on a daily basis. Even though 2020 was a difficult year, many people continued vaping, and some have switched to vaping because of its convenience or other reasons.

E Cigs and E Music: Practical Connection

However, how can a vape mod be connected to music? Even more, to electronic music? That is a really good question. Let us start with the fact that one German group which can be considered an electronic music group has released a new playlist called vaping less than a month ago. It consists of 10 audios. The singers present the album as techno music but many of those listening to the music consider it to be electronic. The group’s name is Harakiri Brothers. One might find it interesting if vaping is so good that it is being anthemised in songs.

Advantages of Vaping

  1. Control over nicotine

When being a vapour it is much easier to control the levels of your nicotine than when being a smoker. The thing is that each liquid that you buy for the worst or the best box mod vape has a level of nicotine indicated on the label. Therefore, it is possible to track the amount of this poisonous substance entering your body. There also exist nicotine free e liquids, which helps to avoid nicotine addiction or to get rid of it.

  1. Control over vapour

While choosing the device, one can automatically choose the amount of vapour they exhale. For example, small pod vapes would produce less vapour if you buy them while the best vape mods would give out much more vapour in the same case. That does not look really important but there are some reasons for this to be a pro of vaping.

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Firstly, for some, especially young people, it is important to produce huge beautiful vapour clouds as a part of their culture and social status. Secondly, because of second and third hand vaping that will be described later it might be important to limit the amount of vapour that the consumer exhales.

  1. Control over money

It has been proved that vaping requires greater expenses at the beginning but appears to be cost-efficient in long term use. The thing is that the vape mods themselves might be quite costly but later it is much cheaper to buy just extra liquid and sometimes some coils or other vaping components than constantly buying usual cigarettes. Therefore, if one wants to put some money aside, it is better to count the expenses in a long term perspective.

Disadvantages of Vaping

  1. Lack of info control

Unfortunately, vaping is quite a new activity and it might be easier to find fake information and be misled into the world of vaping rather than getting the point in the right way. Some people demonise vaping because of a lack of information. Some people, on the contrary, perceive this habit as safe. Both theories are wrong. Vaping has both positive and negative effects as any other human activity.

  1. Lack of health control

It is almost impossible to control your health before it deteriorates as a consequence of vaping. Most of the harmful effects of vaping come from nicotine. This is one of the world’s most widespread harmful substances and many countries in the world are fighting against its being so popular, especially within younger generations. The older generation does not want their children and grandchildren to get addicted to this substance.

Nicotine can cause addiction, which is its main danger. In addition, it can negatively influence all the body systems, including reproductive, immunological, and neural. For sure, it is clear that nicotine harms your lungs and the risks of getting lung cancer as a result of smoking increase. Also, nicotine use can be an underlying reason for possible heart attack and other cardiovascular issues.

However, vapour itself might be hazardous as well. Firstly, some vape mods can work with really hot temperatures, which can result in irritations and scalds of your respiratory system. Secondly, some e liquids of low quality can contain harmful chemical elements or the ones which become harmful after being heated. Thirdly, the lifetime of vaping is quite small and we might only guess the other possible outcomes of this habit.

  1. Lack of use control

A couple of years ago a lot of people found out the existence of vape mods because of their children. Journalists and scientists declared “vaping pandemic among teens” and the wider community was deeply concerned with the problem. The thing is that many children have become addicted to nicotine after using the best box mods, which seemed safe to them.

What’s the Role of Electronic Music?

Well, music is the leading art type these days. Not many people are interested in pictorial art, sculptural arts, or literature to the same extent they are interested in music. And while there exist albums dedicated to vaping and while a number of playlists are created to be listened to while vaping, the interest in vaping will be stirred up.