Whether you’re just starting or you’re in your final year, you’re going to want security in your uni accommodation. Here are a few things you can do to keep both you and your possessions safe.

The cheapest – and yet arguably most important – security change you should make is to swap the screws in your door. The regular short screws holding your door’s latch in place will give way after a few aggressive shoves or kicks. However, replacing these with long industrial screws means any intruder will give up as the screws are far more resilient.

Another relatively cheap security measure is to put a house alarm up on the front of your building – it doesn’t even need to be connected to anything! The sight of the alarm itself will act as a deterrent, regardless of whether or not it actually works! This is extra handy if you and your housemates find yourselves out most of the time with no one to keep an eye on the place.

Having a lot of windows may seem like a luxury with all that natural light, but more points of entry means it’s easier for someone to break in as they have multiple options. To prevent this, you can get extra window locks. While most windows already have small internal locks, these locks go across the part where the window meets the frame. Alarmed ones exist, too, which are definitely worth the additional money!

Worried your housemates have been downing your wine when you’re not looking? Put up some cameras! All jokes aside, as long as your friends agree, it can be beneficial to have cameras up inside. You can buy ones that you can check from your phone for ease. Obviously you don’t want to put them in people’s private rooms, but try to have them in main areas. This can help you to gain evidence and to identify the thief if your home was broken in to.

Finally, doorbells with cameras can be lifesavers. Featuring motion sensors, microphones, and speakers, you can find out what anyone approaching your door wants, even if you’re away. The doorbell also makes parcel deliveries easy if you’re not home or don’t like to answer the door. Controlled via an app on your phone, these doorbell cameras allow for remote viewing from anywhere, so they’re super useful!

Obviously there are many more things you can do to improve your security, but these are a few of the easiest and least intrusive options. It’s worth sitting down and having an in depth safety discussion with your housemates at the beginning of the year, even if that sounds boring. After all, it’s going to benefit all of you. Just remember to speak to your landlord or lettings agency and seek permission before making any changes to the property!