You’re about to move into your first university accommodation! In preparation, you should buy useful items and try not to bring too much because most university rooms are small. The Student Pocket Guide has created a list of items that you should shop for to begin your college education.


Bring a lot of linen, such as duvets, blankets, and pillows. This should go without saying, but bringing more than one set will make your university room more comfortable, especially during the winter months. Bring extra bedding with you in case you need it while doing your laundry.


Shop for products that stand out so you can tell them apart from others. Try to have enough kitchenware in case items are lost or broken. But don’t be worried if you don’t have enough; we’re confident your housemates or flatmates will be kind enough to lend you some items if you ask!


Pack enough clothes for yourself! As most students hardly have a lot of storage in their housing, it would benefit you to pack according to the weather and term and bring your clothing up to university in rotation. As we are entering the colder months it would benefit you to pack warmer articles of clothing like knitwear. Also, consider packing choices for fresher’s week like fancy-dress ideas.

Room Conveniences And Home Comforts

It is critical to shop for useful stuff for your university room. Most student accommodations have a bed, desk, and clothes storage, so most likely you won’t have to bring these with you. Any furnishings in your room will be listed in your housing contract, so check to see if there is anything that isn’t supplied before you move in. Bring coat hangers, a laundry basket, a clothes airer and plug adaptors if you’re from overseas. A doorstop is important for being welcoming and socialising with your flatmates. If you will be sharing a bathroom, a shower caddy is a fantastic way to get your hygiene products from your room to the bathroom.

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College Education Study Essentials

Course books are most certainly at the top of your shopping list, but don’t forget about shopping for some personal stationery! Fill your desk with all of the study tools you’ll need. Folders are excellent for organising study and lecture notes. Highlighters are useful for editing and condensing material. However, buy the equipment you require that you believe will be suitable for you.

Personal Items

Bring personal belongings from your home bedroom to your university bedroom. Print out photos of your family, friends, and pets. Bring sentimental items from your home to add your personal touch to your student room.

Appliances And Electrical Items

When it comes to electrical equipment, only bring what you know you’ll use. Having your own printer, for example, may be convenient, but it will be more expensive because most university libraries provide student printing services. If the value of your electrical items exceeds what you can afford to lose, you should consider purchasing insurance. External contents insurance may already cover student housing but never assume this. The necessities, such as a kettle, toaster, and microwave, are usually included in student kitchens. If you plan on bringing extras, check to see what other housemates/flatmates are bringing so you don’t waste money in the long run.

Remember To Shop Wisely

Going to university is expensive so attempt to buy your necessities on a low budget. Check all of the high-street stores, supermarkets, and online websites to get the best offer. Remember that you have at least three years in university, so don’t overbuy because you can build up your essentials over time.


To begin your college education, try to go food shopping. Purchase basics such as cereal, bread, milk, butter, pasta, and sauce, or bring cooked meals from home that can be heated up while you’re caught up in Fresher’s frenzy.

We hope this list has assisted you in narrowing down and preparing the items you will need to bring to begin your college education.