Studying online has always been an option for those who want to pursue their degree part-time while juggling other responsibilities such as parenthood and employment. With the COVID-19 pandemic, distance education is becoming increasingly popular. Most courses now offer a blended approach to learning. The internet is used to provide lectures and learning resources. Learning remotely has never been simpler, yet some people may struggle with the transition from in-person to online learning. The Student Pocket Guide has some quick tips for you to cope with online university.

Studying Online | Distance Education | Cope With Online University

Your Timetable Is Important

As you are not there in person and have frequent reminders from your lectures about assignments and deadlines, you must pay close attention to your online timetable. Your lectures will either be recorded or held through Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Blackboard Collaborate, so make a note of the times they are planned for. Pay attention to your schedule so that you can stay on top of all you need to attend and know.

Keep In Regular Contact With Your Tutors

You must maintain constant contact with your lecturers and tutors while participating in remote learning. They are available to answer any queries you may have and to keep you on track with your studies. So, email them and use them to your advantage to engage fully in your online course.

Distance Education Means Engaging With Your Peers Online

You must discover a new method to engage with your friends and classmates now that you are separated from them. You may utilise the Zoom platform or group chats to stay in touch and share valuable study ideas. This will give you the feeling that you are all in this together, and you will not feel isolated when studying online from home.

Create A Study Space

When participating in distance education, a clean and pleasant place is important. Working from bed may seem appealing, but it is not an effective method to learn. Setting up a study environment is critical because you will be working from your personal space. This will keep you focused while also separating your personal life from your academic life. So, get rid of the clutter and personalise the area with the study basics you require.

Minimise Distractions 

When working from home, keep distractions to a minimum to avoid setbacks. Resist using devices that will cause you to be distracted. Remember to take pauses as needed; this will relieve stress on your studies and your thoughts. You may easily accomplish this by experimenting with productivity applications.

Try Out Productivity Apps When Studying Online

It’s time to get rid of your old phone games and replace them with productivity-enhancing applications. Working from home will be more enjoyable as a result. It’s worthwhile to try with applications like Flora, an app that allows you to grow virtual trees by setting a timer for each part of your study session. MindNode helps you brainstorm ideas and Good Notes which helps you organise your time.

We hope these brief suggestions will assist you in managing your online learning experience!