If you work from home or in the office and often struggle to get your mind in the zone, these six things can make all the difference to your workspace. It is SO beneficial to consider these as they can positively change your work ethic and wellbeing.

Give these 6 workspace improvements a try…

Natural Light

If you can position your desk in front of a window or an area that draws in natural light, this will make you feel a whole lot better – trust me. Working in a dark room with minimal light may make you feel isolated and claustrophobic. Plus, this may trick your brain into thinking it’s time to unwind and go to sleep – not quite yet! It is proven that natural light improves mood and sunlight increases serotonin, meaning you will be more productive. The UK may not be the sunniest of places, but when it is, we must take full advantage of it!

Your View

It is a great idea to consider the view of your workspace. Are you able to face a window with a view of the outside world? Or a view that doesn’t face your bed so you will not be tempted to creep back in… Your workspace view is very important as this may help to inspire when creative block hits and keep you on the ball with your work.

Do Not Disturb

Are you working in an environment where you will not be disturbed? Whether this is at home or in the office, sometimes it can be difficult to find a place of peace and quiet. However, it might be worth investing in a good pair of earplugs if you prefer to work in silence. Or maybe a pair of noise-cancelling headphones if you like to have some music playing in the background.


Is your desk filled with cr*p? No wonder you have been feeling a little stressed. It is true what they say, tidy room, tidy mind – in this case, tidy ‘desk’. Having a good sort out and clean of your desk area is a wonderful thing to do every so often. If your desk appears more organised, you will feel a lot more in control of yourself and on top of your work.

Fresh Air

Do you often find yourself feeling a bit suffocated with piles of things to do? Or a bit foggy-headed? Some fresh air can help and wake you up on a sleepy Monday morning. If you can get outside every so often to stretch your legs, do it. Or if you are positioned near a window, having this slightly open to keep your room well ventilated is also a great thing to do – but please don’t freeze to death if it’s a cold day!

A Good Chair

Do you find yourself slowly slipping into the ‘Hunchback of Notre Dame’ whilst getting stuck into your work? Having a good office chair is something people don’t often consider when sitting at a desk all day. If you have a chair that provides comfort and gives good posture, you are likely to feel more alert and settled in your workspace. And in your later years, you will be grateful that you prioritised this – give the back problems a run for their money!