Moving away from home, as well as for settling in and making new friends, may be difficult. But don’t be concerned! The Student Pocket Guide has created several strategies to socialise with your new peers and make lifetime friends.

Join Group Chats 

Joining group chats and Facebook groups is a wonderful way to meet new people. You may chat with others who are doing the same course and modules as you before you begin your course. You may even accompany online friends to your first week of classes. Talking to others beforehand helps to calm the anxieties before starting your degree!

Partake In Sports

Participating in a sports team or club is a fantastic opportunity to meet individuals who share your interests. Depending on the intensity of the sport, you will meet weekly or daily. Most sports teams offer socials where you may meet for a night out on the town or for food and drinks to catch up with your teammates. You will undoubtedly establish friends if you see these people frequently. It is an excellent method to enhance not only your fitness but also your social life.

Join Societies

Societies, like sports groups, are a fantastic opportunity to meet others who share your interests. You will meet weekly, which is ideal because you will see them regulary. Starting discussions should be simple since they have common interests! It’s a wonderful chance to meet individuals from all over the university and will help you get out of your shell.

Talk To Your Neighbours

Don’t forget to talk to your neighbours, who are the people closest to you. Because everyone is in the same boat, this is a wonderful opportunity to meet new people. This is a great option for first-year students because everyone is keen to socialise and make new friends.

Keep Your Door Open To Be Social 

Having a doorstop is a fantastic way to interact with others. Leave your door open so that passers-by might chat with you. This is especially useful during the fresher’s period or at the start of a new term when everyone is eager to establish new friends.

Spend Time With Your House/Flatmates

Try to spend time with the individuals you live with. You may build a friendship with them by helping them as they move in or by going weekly food shopping together. Being friends with your housemates/flatmates should come easy, but if it doesn’t, don’t panic; you’ll make friends throughout the university over time.

Socialise/Hang Out At Your Student’s Union

The student union is a huge common area where people hang out and socialise. Make use of this area to socialise and meet new people. Because everyone is in the same boat, this is a stress-free approach to meet people.

Sit Next To People In Lectures

Make new friends on your course by sitting next to them in lecture theatres. Approaching others is the most effective method to break out of your shell. You can discuss the lecture as well as the other modules you have chosen. This is a wonderful opportunity to meet people who will be your buddies throughout your degree.

Stay On-Campus To Meet Friends

Make the most of the student spaces. After your meetings and lectures, don’t go straight home try to stay on campus. This gives you a greater chance to meet and make new friends across the university. If you have a green space like a park enjoy the fresh air and socialise with others who are around.

Most importantly, just be yourself, and we’re confident you’ll make friends in no time!