As a student, finances can be tight. You may feel that travelling is not even possible on such a limited amount of money, especially to somewhere far away and exotic. If you take some time to research and plan though, it is possible to have quite the adventure as a student on a restricted budget by taking advantage of cheap flights, discount codes and clever planning – read on for more…

Plan It Yourself

There’s really no reason to use a travel agency if you do some research. It’ll also cost more to have a professional’s help. Besides, it’s fun to plan your trip yourself, discovering things you possibly never thought of before your internet search.

Look Out for Discounts and Promotions

Many places offer student discounts on tourist sightseeing locations, products and services. Usually, they only require that you show your student ID. You can sometimes find student discounts on many trips from Bermuda cruises to African safaris. Always keep an eye out for promotions, such as earning cash back or air miles on credit card purchases or tourist discounts.

Find Cheap Flights

Typically, the earlier you can book a flight, the better price you will get. There are various ways to find low-cost cheap flights options from different airlines. You’ll generally find the best deals on meta-search engines among potentially hundreds of deals.

Use Search Engine Criteria Comparisons for Lodging

Search on price comparison sites for inexpensive accommodation for everywhere you’ll need to stay overnight. Many of these sites will have various options such as hotels, motels and privately owned rentals such as homes or even a room in someone’s home. Most of the time you’ll have choices of different types of places at all different prices. If you’re travelling with a group of people, even better, because you can get a nicer place and split the cost between everyone.

Choose Travel Over Hotels

Often, if you have a relatively long flight ahead of you, you can save a significant amount of time and money by opting for an overnight flight over a hotel stay. Then, you sleep on the flight. You may even choose a first-class ticket so you can get a more comfortable, restful sleep so you’ll be ready to go for a full day of adventure the next day.

Accept Help

Specialty social networks are available primarily for travellers who need help with their travels, such as overnight accommodation or a local sightseeing buddy. The online community comprises people who love travelling, so it’s also an excellent place to plan trips with like-minded travellers. Like other social networks, such as Facebook, you create a profile introducing yourself and your travelling interests, history and goals.

Consider Volunteering

If you have some time to spend in one location abroad, you may consider an international volunteering program. By doing this volunteer work, you can get some fabulous cultural adventures that you may not otherwise experience and meet various people from around the world. If you don’t speak the native language, it can also be an excellent opportunity to learn a new language. You’ll probably be required to pay your own way to get to your destination, but these programs usually offer free room and board and a small amount of money for other necessities.

Plan Transfers in Advance

Sometimes you don’t know exactly where you’re going or the precise time you’ll arrive. However, anytime you know far enough ahead of time, it’s helpful to arrange a transfer from the airport to your next location (e.g., your hotel). Public transportation can be much cheaper than taxi cabs or rideshares, but they can also be slower and require more of a walk to get to your ride. If you’re going to a bigger city, a train or subway can be a better option to stay out of busy road traffic.

Your college years are an excellent time for travelling when classes aren’t in session. You may feel that there’s no way your bank account will support a vacation abroad, but after some research, you may be surprised by the cheap flights and getaway deals available. Not only are many opportunities available, but by taking advantage of some of these tips, there are some extraordinary possibilities.