The speed and quality of the work of the staff of cafes and restaurants largely depends on the arrangement of the working space, which cannot be done without stainless steel bakery racks. The expediency of buying this type of equipment is manifested, first of all, in the fact that buying a stainless steel kitchen rack can usually be cheaper than a wooden cabinet. Besides, stainless steel is a strong and durable material that does not lend itself to deformation at low and high temperatures, as well as in high humidity conditions. This makes it possible to successfully use the stainless steel rack both in hot temperature conditions, as well as in the immediate vicinity of a water source.

In addition, the convenience of using shelving structures is also manifested in the fact that they provide direct access to all objects located on them.  Metal bakers rack allows employees of a cafe or other public catering not to waste time looking for products, inventory, dishes and other things placed on the shelves.

Kitchen bakers rack: 5 positive sides

In fact, there are many more advantages of a stainless steel bread rack. This is the only metal that can be safely used in any workshop, not just as a rack for a restaurant or dining room. The benefits include the following:

  1. Stainless steel racks for the kitchen are very durable and can withstand a weight of 200 kg or more without any damage to reliable structures. There you can store not only bakery, semi-finished products, but also a variety of production equipment.
  2. A production rack is a type of food service equipment that truly meets strict hygiene standards.
  3. Structures of this type, like a baking pan with rack, are highly resistant to aggressive environments. Dining room racks are exposed to all kinds of detergents on a daily basis. At the same time, the type of equipment does not deteriorate.
  4. It does not require special care. There is no need to scrape or clean stainless steel furniture with special tools. Any dirt on its surface can be easily removed with a damp cloth.
  5. Anti-corrosion properties. Contact with water, exposure to steam, temperature changes do not affect the appearance of the food rack. The original appearance of the equipment has been preserved for decades.

In spite of present advantages, stainless steel bakery racks remain affordable. The pricing policy is influenced by design features – height, width, number of shelves. The range of such equipment in the AmGoodSupply online store is quite diverse and you can buy a stainless steel rack for the bakery in full compliance with the requirements.

Types of bakers racks

The production of a stainless steel pan rack is aimed at the manufacture of equipment of several main types:

  • production four-level (4 shelves) structures;
  • stationary – five-level (5 shelves);
  • mobile;
  • structures for storing food or vegetables in refrigerated chambers.

These are basic options, but they can vary depending on the height and width of the structures. Improving working conditions, increasing the productivity of employees, creating an interesting interior in the space – this is just a small list of the advantages that can be obtained using professional bakers racks of AmGoodSupply company production.

Pan rack made of stainless steel: high quality guarantee

The professional metal bakers rack is made of high quality brushed stainless steel with a high nickel content. Two grades of metal may be used used:

  • AISI 304;
  • AISI 430.

This is a metal that can withstand prolonged exposure to a wide variety of substances, it is strong and durable and retains its original appearance to shine for many years. The properties of the material do not change even when exposed to high or low temperatures. That is why modern catering, bars and restaurants, pastry shops and workshops for cutting meat and fish choose stainless steel racks. When purchasing stainless steel bakery racks, trust only reliable suppliers. The equipment presented on the American market is a guarantee of high quality, reliability and durability of products. Using spacious but compact designs, you can properly zone the space of the production area and significantly increase the productivity of the kitchen or workshop!