Katie Kittermaster is a British singer-songwriter. Katie signed a publishing deal in June with BMG so she is on her way to become a rising star. She speaks with the Student Pocket Guide about her career, her passion to make a change, favourite performances, and upcoming new songs…

Katie Kittermaster: A Q And A On Her New Single And Songwriting by Tosan Ebisan

Hello Katie! Thank you so much for taking this time to have a Q and A with me. How are you?

I’m really well thank you! I’ve just moved to London which has been something I’ve wanted to do since before Covid, so it’s really great to finally be here!!! I am also working on some really exciting writing projects.

For those that might not know you, how would you describe your musical style?

Well, I’m yet to really write a happy song but the style is the pop side of indie pop! I hope that classic singer-songwriter elements shine through, with hints of folk too! My tracks all tell stories and lyrics are paramount to me.

Katie Kittermaster Q and AWhat type of music are you listening to right now, and who do you consider to be your main influence when it comes to songwriting?

I went to see Olivia Dean last night who I massively look up to and respect – if you haven’t heard her music, I urge you to do so right after this!

I grew up influenced by the early Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift albums, as well as artists like Kelly Clarkson, Lily Allen, Miley Cyrus and P!nk. When I play live, I always sing an Ed Sheeran cover and he was a huge influence. My favourite artists right now alongside Olivia Dean are Griff, Holly Humberstone and Maisie Peters.

Let’s speak about your new 2021 single, ‘Good Liars’ which you wrote with a friend over Zoom. How are you adjusting to songwriting during the current global pandemic, and how do you think it has affected your creativity?

I think songwriters really had to adapt their ways of working – some people I know never took to Zoom writing and just kind of stopped working. I personally did lots of Zoom sessions and found them really efficient but there’s definitely an energy that comes with being in the room with someone so I’m really glad to be back writing in person now! I worked with a lot of people during the pandemic and was signed to BMG during that time; this partnership has led to writing with a whole raft of amazing writers and producers across Europe. It’s been good as it has challenged me to go out of my comfort zone and explore different ways and styles of writing and music.

What are your professional goals in the music industry?

I think it’s really important to have high aspirations so I’d say; a song in the charts, to play Glastonbury, the O2, Wembley, to do my own tour of course! Now that I am living in London and fully financially independent, I also need to focus on making my career viable. Being a singed writer with BMG, I have the opportunity to write for other artists and I relish that opportunity. I want it all really!!

Katie Kittermaster Q and A

Katie Kittermaster

How has your personal life influenced your lyrics?

Omg hugely!!! I write about my own experiences and I hope that comes across in my writing?!? At 21, I have been through my fair share of break-ups so there is always a lot to write about. I have also written a couple of songs about my mental health, one of which is released; it’s called The Problem. I think there is real power in being vulnerable and being open about my feelings and struggles as I believe this is what makes people relate to the lyrics.

You do a wonderful job in schools performing and educating children about mental health. How essential is it to you to raise mental health awareness?

Incredibly important – I’ve just started working as an ambassador for an amazing charity called My Black Dog which is a texting service where people can get advice/comfort from someone who has also battled with their mental health – hopefully this means the person feels super at ease opening up because they know the other person has been where they’ve been and felt how they might feel.

Katie Kittermaster Q and AI visit schools and talk to groups of students about my own experiences and hopefully educate them on how they can improve their own mental health as well as how to be a good friend to someone else who might need a really strong support system.

Music has 100% helped me to improve my own mental health, which I really struggled with in my early teens and still do now. But I feel I am better equipped than I was…

You’ve opened for some major names, like Olly Murs, Kaiser Chiefs, Ronan Keating, and Scouting For Girls, but which performance was your favourite?

Honestly, I loved playing my own headline show in London in September this year because I felt so at ease knowing these people had come to see me! The audience already knew some of the songs and hearing people sing your own lyrics back at you is the most amazing feeling!



You’ll be performing live in London in 2022; it must be thrilling to be back on stage. Can we expect any new releases from you?

Yes for sure I’m working towards an EP at the moment which is so so exciting – lots of new music for sure! I have a huge bank of songs but suffer from indecision and find it hard to decide what’s coming next.

What would be your one piece of advice or message to your fans?

Just start now! It’s easy to wait for good things to come to you but go out and grind – play in tiny pubs, busk, post covers on social media – just try everything and then you’ll have no regrets.

You can find out more about Katie Kittermaster here!

Katie Kittermaster: A Q And A On Her New Single And Songwriting by Tosan Ebisan