Laptops are compact devices that can be easily carried about while being flexible enough to manage challenging applications. It is the best device to use when working on something important or to play, wherever you are. Although smartphones and tablets are common and well used, it’s not easy to type research papers, play games, and edit videos. This is why we have collated vital recommendations to take note of before purchasing a computer for studying.

There are numerous types of laptops at one’s disposal with many things to consider, ranging from the size and features to the price, making it challenging to choose a computer. This is why one has to take note of vital recommendations before purchasing a computer for studying.

Recommendations to Take Note of Before Purchasing A Computer

Choose between Mac, Windows, or Chrome OS.

It is challenging to choose between these three, especially if you are not so familiar with them. The majority of the laptops that can be found in the market have one of these three operating systems: Windows, Chrome OS, or Mac OS (solely for MacBook). Choosing one depends on your personal choice. It is, however, essential to note that the Mac OS is exclusive to the MacBook alone. If you’ve not used it before, it can take some getting used to – shortcuts to perform such tasks as going full screen or to take a screenshot on a Mac are quite different to Windows and Chrome.

Choose Between A Double Laptop or A Single One.

The double or 2-in-1 laptops have the ability to alternate between the regular laptop mode, a tablet mode, and more They are usually manufactured as detachable where the screen can be pulled off, or in an adjustable way, where it can be adjusted to any form, even up to 360 degrees. However, the detachable laptops perform better than the adjustable ones since they can serve as a standalone. Therefore, choosing between a double laptop and a single one depends on your preference.

Pick the Right Size.

It is crucial to determine the size of a laptop that would be convenient for you. This is important because your laptop’s size would go a long way to determine how conveyable it is. The dimensions of laptops are classified into 11-12, 13-14, 15-16, and 17-18 inches. The 11-12 inches laptops are very light and weigh about 2.5-3.5 pounds. Besides, 13-14 inches laptops are very easy to use and carry about. The 15-16 inches laptops provide a large screen, but it is not easy to carry about, while the 17-18 inches laptops are best situated on a table permanently.

Examine the Keyboard and Touchpad.

To enjoy your laptop very well, you have to ensure that it has a comfortable design. One of the critical designs that have to be taken note of is the keyboard and the touchpad. This is why it is wise to check feedback and recommendations from users before getting a laptop of your choice. For the keyboard, there should be a distance of 1 to 2mm and precision touchpad drivers for windows 10.

Pick Your Design.

When getting a laptop, specific components have to be considered, and they can be puzzling. The CPU, which is the “brain” of the computer, has many models depending on what you desire to do on the laptop. They are; intel 10, intel core i9, intel core 7, intel core i5, intel core i3, intel Xeon, intel Pentium/ Celeron, and more to choose from. The RAM, storage, display, touch screen, graphics chips, ports, connectivity, DVD / Blu-ray drives are all that should be carefully considered before purchasing s laptop of your choice.

Don’t Be Economical with The Battery Life.

When getting a laptop, especially one that would be placed on your lap, you must be particular with the battery life. When buying a computer for your studies, it is advisable to go through the reviews/feedback from users on battery life instead of trusting the producer’s words wholeheartedly. A good laptop battery should last for 7 to 8 hours.

Have the Right Budget.

Before getting a laptop, it is very advisable to have a budget. Thankfully, a computer can be acquired for as low as couple of hundred pounds these days. Having a budget would help you set the desired goal and save for the laptop you wish.

Choose Your Desired Brand.

Your desired laptop’s brand plays a huge role in determining how beneficial your computer would be for you. The brand name, to a large extent, determines how good the laptop would be. Some of the brands that produce great laptops are; Apple, HP, ASUS, Dell, MSI, and Acer.


We believe that you are now knowledgeable about what you need to take care of before buying a laptop of your choice. Therefore, ensure you follow these vital recommendations before purchasing a computer to get the laptop of your dreams.