Winter is on its way, and we cannot believe it. Have we even had a Summer? We were all ready to live our best lives when lockdown ended in June and then the Sun went into hiding.

Nevertheless, it seemed that, even though the weather did not really play ball, guys were getting ready to go out and have a good time. We gleaned this from the amount of underwear that was bought in our Gay Sex Shop by guys getting ready for the world again. Let’s face it, who was buying underwear in lockdown?!

So, what were the guys wearing this year to show off their stuff? Here are the top 3 gay underwear brands that were ruling the nation this summer.

Addicted underwear

Addicted has been on top of the underwear game for many years now, in the UK gay male market. Based in Barcelona they provide well designed and colourful collections. In our store you will find some of their best briefs, jocks, trunks and harnesses. Never have we seen so many harnesses on guys going out, a great party look!

Breedwell Jockstrap collection

This range is all about sex and highlighting your best features. It is not just jockstraps that sell so well. Breedwell also offer really sexy briefs. All items have great design details, they seem to have a focus on easy access. Made in the USA we import the best styles and offer them here for you in the UK. Some styles have Neo features so you will literally shine!

bill and brandon underwearBill and Brandon

This brand is new on the store and has been a bit of a revelation. The design seems simple but wait till you wear a pair of their underwear. The comfort factor is high, and these jockstraps and briefs certainly pop when you see them on. Another great thing is that the Bill and Brandon range is very affordable. We always like to support local businesses, so it is great to see that B&B is made right here in the UK. Have a look in our store and see what you think?

There are other brands like C-in2, Pump and Barcode that are also popular but these 3 seem to have caught the eye of our customers the most and we can totally see why. Within each collection there are some great innovative design elements, all geared to show of your best assets. Backless briefs, enhancing underwear and easy access features are really in demand now. Looks like we are all ready to play again.

You can check out all these brands and more in our store. Don’t forget to check out our sex toys, fetish, and sex essentials areas. We aim to offer you everything for a good adult time

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With love