It is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle as a university student. Between examinations, papers, and having an active social life, many university students believe they don’t have time to focus on their health and wellbeing.  Simply beginning with a meal plan can encourage healthy eating and a well-balanced diet. The Student Pocket Guide has compiled a list of 5 simple tips for living a healthy lifestyle.

Create A Weekly Meal Plan

A meal plan can help you eat more fruits and vegetables and you will have a variety of different meals. A healthy meal plan can also ensure you’re eating the correct foods in the right quantity. Prepare your meals in bulk so that you have plenty for the entire week to stick to your healthy eating regime. Planning your meals for the week may help you better manage your time, which is especially useful if you have other commitments at university. It can help you reduce food waste because you will only buy what you need for the specific meals you will be cooking, which will help you save money in the long run. Tupperware or reusable glass containers are ideal for storing food. This keeps your meal fresh and flavourful, which is ideal for lunch on the go.

Healthy Eating | Balanced Diet | Meal Plan | 5 Healthy Lifestyle TipsGet Your Exercise In

Try to set aside at least 30 minutes three times a week to go to the gym, take a fitness class or engage in any other physical activity they like. Regular exercise will help you feel less stressed, more energised, enhance your memory and cognitive function which is key when you are a student.  If going to the gym scares you, go for a stroll with your friends or housemates. This is a fun and stress-free way to spend time with your friends while getting your steps in!


Mindfulness and Self-Care

Practising mindfulness and yoga may help you be calm, pay attention, and focus, all of which are important as a student. You may go to a yoga class or practice at home by watching YouTube videos. Taking even 10 minutes out of your day to do this can significantly improve your quality of life. Self-care is essential for living a healthy lifestyle. After you’ve finished your day, take some time to unwind and do activities that make you happy. These seemingly minor activities may have a positive influence on your week, attitude, and student life.

Maintain A Balanced Diet

You can plan your meals and start your day off well with a nutritious breakfast. Instead of ordering in, why not cook a fun meal with your housemates? This is a fun activity in which you can all encourage one another to continue a balanced diet. Seasonings may transform something bland into something flavourful at a little cost, so use them to spice up your meals. Remember to eat and drink in moderation and to avoid monitoring calories.

Healthy Eating Is Important

Start your day with something nutritious, and you should be able to continue eating well throughout the day. If you’re rushing for an afternoon lecture, why not try some brunch ideas? Also, getting your day off to a good start helps keep you focused, which is essential for a busy student. You can improve your health by making a few simple changes. Replace white rice with brown rice, sugar with honey, and white bread with wholemeal bread. These easy modifications will be quite inexpensive and will have a beneficial impact on your overall well-being.

We hope that this post will help you in leading a healthier lifestyle at university.